The Suicide Squad: How did James Gunn choose which characters were going to die?

Currently showing, “The Suicide Squad” contains its share of deaths among members of the super-team. But how did the director choose which characters were going to die and which others deserved to survive? Response from the interested party.

During an interview at the site DC Comics, James Gunn returned to his writing process and how he envisioned his Suicide Squad. “There were a number of characters that I knew were going to die as soon as I put them in the movie.”, Indicated the scenario writer before specifying that this is how he presented the project to Warner.

When I pitched the idea to Warner Bros., I went into Toby Emmerich’s office with copies or photos of each of the characters and posted them all on the wall because there are a lot of them. Talking about, for example, Mongal to Toby Emmerich can be really confusing.

The Suicide Squad: How did James Gunn choose which characters were going to die?
The Suicide Squad

Going through them in this way, I knew that some characters were going to die early, and others died as I told the story.“, he thus explained.

James Gunn then went into more detail about his writing process. “The way I write is that I have a basic structure. The structure of this movie was really about the band as a whole, but there are deaths that took me by surprise because I put myself in a kind of runaway state when I write.“, he said.

And to add: “Some things have happened in a very organic way. It was really about what the story needed at this point. How does it work? How to take a turn that is not expected?


The director took advantage of the interview to reveal some of the characters who almost appeared in The Suicide Squad but narrowly missed the mark: “I have a folder full of characters that I had considered and there are quite a few, from Gunhawk to Man-Bat, to Bane and Deathstroke.

Man-Bat is one of my favorite characters, so I really wanted to use him but I think I chose Weasel and King Shark instead. (…) The DC universe is so rich in characters that it was very difficult to choose”, He concluded.


In an interview for IndieWire, James Gunn also confided that Taika Waititi should have had a bigger role but that the New Zealand filmmaker could not accept it because he was working at the time on his adaptation of Akira. If the director of The Suicide Squad did not want to reveal what role it was, he still shared that “he was one of the guys from the start”, Thus limiting the choices.

And it was when Akira’s preparation was paused that Taika Waititi returned to James Gunn who offered him a new role: that of the father of Ratcatcher 2.

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