The Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn could have had a different slogan on his jacket

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In The Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn wears a leather jacket that reads “Live Fast Die Clown,” but other slogans were almost used. Check out James Gunn’s favorites.

Portrayed onscreen by Margot Robbie, Harley Quinn has always had a rather original way of dressing. The costumes worn by the young woman in the first Suicide Squad and in Birds of Prey are also very popular with cosplayers and the look she wears in The Suicide Squad should be no exception to the rule.

If Harley spends a large part of the film in a long red dress, her outfit at the start is notably embellished with a red and black leather jacket with the inscription “Live Fast Die Clown” (“Live your life, die a clown” in French). But other slogans almost ended up on the jacket.

On Twitter, James Gunn in particular revealed to have realized “a huge list of slogans she could have had on her back”, Before retaining only three that the production has actually written on jackets to get a better idea of ​​the rendering. The filmmaker then shared photos of the jackets in question.

We can discover that one of the slogans was “Clown AF”, which means “Clown As F * ck” and can be translated as “Crazy clown”. Another one was less irreverent but just as crazy: “World’s Greatest Grandpa”, or “The best grandpa in the world”.

I struggled to decide between the first two but in the end #LiveFastDieClown won”, Concluded James Gunn. Go to the dark rooms to discover the jacket on Margot Robbie’s back!

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The suicide squad: harley quinn could have had a different slogan on his jacket

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