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TF1 is broadcasting “The Replacement” this evening, a new school fiction, in the vein of “Sam”, with JoeyStarr in the role of a nonconformist and inspiring teacher. Is this a TV movie or are other episodes planned by the channel?

Only a few days after the end of Gloria on TF1, the actor and rapper JoeyStarr is back on the channel in The Replacement, a new fiction composed of two 52-minute episodes which he had the idea and in which he plays a teacher French nonconformist, in the vein of Sam and the hero of La Faute à Rousseau.

Surrounded by Barbara Schulz, Stéphane Guillon, Sébastien Chassagne, Armelle, or even Héléna Noguerra, JoeyStarr lends his features to Nicolas Valeyre who, by his fanciful methods, his displayed misanthropy and his raw style of stripping, acts as a UFO in the room. teachers. But he bothers his hierarchy as much as it naturally inspires confidence in his students. Because beneath his badly licked bear exterior, he is a passionate hypersensitive, ready to do anything to help them find their way.

As was already the case in the past for Contact or for Louis (e), TF1 offers this Monday evening a “pilot” which aims to test the potential of the Substitute before ordering other episodes and making one. potentially recurring series. Contacted by us, the front page confirmed to us that a decision concerning the future of the program would be taken once the audiences for this introductory episode were known.

But the desire to make the Substitute a series is indeed there since The Parisian reveals that two more episodes are already in preparation. For a shoot expected in July. If successful tonight, then.

While waiting to learn more, viewers of TF1 will soon be able to discover another crazy heroine in the guise of Audrey Fleurot in HPI, which will be broadcast from Thursday, April 29 and will follow the investigations of a cleaning lady in QI. extraordinary who became a consultant for the police.

One of the many novelties that will enrich the range of front page series this year since Une Affaire française, inspired by the affair of little Grégory, Plan B, worn by Julie de Bona, Rébecca, French adaptation of Marcella with Anne Marivin, or the French remake of Luther will hit the air in the coming months.

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