The Substitute: Arnaud Ducret sows chaos in JoeyStarr’s life tonight on TF1 – News…

“The Substitute”, worn by JoeyStarr as a French teacher, returns to TF1 this evening with two episodes which warn of the dangers of “nudes” and social networks. With Arnaud Ducret as a bonus as a guest in the skin of a cumbersome friend of the hero.

The substitute: arnaud ducret sows chaos in joeystarr's life tonight on tf1 - news...
Philippe Warrin/Exilene/TF1

Tonight on TF1, Nicolas Valeyre begins a new school year at Marie Curie high school in two new episodes of the series Replacing. The opportunity for JoeyStarr to give the answer to new playing partners since Arnaud Ducret and Amelle Chahbi join the adventure.

After a double episode which dealt head-on with the theme of homophobia last March, The Replacer returns with a new opus written by Joris Morio and Vinciane Mokry which this time focuses on the dangers of social networks.

Elsa (Sylvie Filloux), one of Valeyre’s students, is the victim of harassment when intimate photos sent to a mysterious crush leak on social networks. Her stalker is hiding behind a pseudonym but may well turn out to be closer than it seems.

Determined to educate his students in respect for privacy, Nicolas Valeyre will do everything to unmask the one who calls himself Kylian, even as other photos of high school girls are beginning to spread on the Internet.

On the private side, the replacement French teacher must juggle between his budding relationship with the headmistress embodied by Barbara Schulz and his role as a father to Judith (Laure Kenza Aazizou). And to make matters worse, Nicolas will see Chris land in his life, an old friend of the very cumbersome genre camped by Arnaud Ducret.

The substitute: arnaud ducret sows chaos in joeystarr's life tonight on tf1 - news...
Philippe Warrin/Exilene/TF1

Two episodes that correct the shot

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While the two previous episodes had pacing problems and struggled to really get us on board, despite an extremely important subject, The Substitute here manages to find some color, as well as what made the salt of the pilot broadcast last year.

The authors refocus the story on one of the main high school students – here Elsa played by an ex-actress from tomorrow belongs to us – which allows the group composed of Kenza, Erwann (Alexander Ferrario), Hakim (Ilies Kadri), Celia (Mahia Zrouki), and Abu (Marvel Nsombi) to unite more than ever around their friend who is the victim of harassment and to remain united in adversity.

Beyond the subject they take up (the “nudes” and dating applications in particular) and the very good performances of JoeyStarr, Laure-Kenza Aazizou, Sylvie Filloux, or even Amelle Chahbi as the new deputy principal , these new episodes of the TF1 series also owe a lot to the arrival of Arnaud Ducret.

The actor, seen recently in Lies with Audrey Fleurot, invites himself in The Replacement during this intrigue and comes to sow chaos in the life of Nicolas Valeyre. But also in high school, where his more than borderline behavior and bad influence could do serious damage.

A character between comedy and darkness who also leads this double episode to a rather unexpected end, but we won’t say more.

After a successful launch in April 2021, since 6.6 million curious people had responded to the pilot episode, the series had experienced a sharp decline a few weeks ago with its episodes 3 and 4, watched by only 3, 13 million viewers on average, for a market share of 22.6% among women purchasing managers under fifty (FRDA-50).

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Will these new adventures of Nicolas Valeyre allow the Substitute to raise the bar in terms of audiences? Answer tomorrow.

Also find the complete series with JoeyStarr on the Salto platform.

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