The Speech of a King, Roma, Truman Capote… nuggets of cinema to (re) discover at the Silencio – Cinema Actus

Did you miss cinemas and restaurants? Le Silencio and Guillaume Sanchez sign an original project combining the 7th art with that of the table. Until September 19, (re) discover black and white films or biopics, and enjoy a starred menu!

The speech of a king, roma, truman capote… nuggets of cinema to (re) discover at the silencio - cinema actus

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Movie theater ? Eating? … and why not both ?! Until September 19, those who love the big screen as much as the good food have an appointment at the Silencio Pop-Up for a memorable gastronomic and cinematographic experience.

A little historical reminder: designed by American director David Lynch in 2011, the Silencio is a photo gallery, a library, or – you will have understood it – a restaurant and a cinema. This summer, this place steeped in the world of cinema reopened its doors to combine this major art with another dear to the hearts of the French: gastronomy.

“The project was born out of a common desire to offer a unique experience after several months of restaurants and cinemas being closed,” explains Arnaud Frisch, creator of Silencio.


Thus, since July 2021, Guillaume Sanchez is the headliner of Silencio. The starred chef of his restaurant NE / SO, former candidate for Top Chef 8, has thought about 4 menus based on 4 themes of the seventh art: Cannes 2021, Hollywood, Black & White and Biopic.

This informed movie buff has even designed 4 rather remarkable cocktails based on the fermentation of fruits or vegetables. Drinks that you can sip during the screening, comfortably installed in the legendary Saint-Germain-des-Prés cinema room, after having taken a staircase decorated with mythical posters and photographs of cinema classics.

The speech of a king, roma, truman capote… nuggets of cinema to (re) discover at the silencio - cinema actus



Until September 5, the Black & White cycle proposes to (re) see Raging Bull, Roma, or Elephant Man. To accompany this selection, Guillaume Sanchez has developed an all in… black and white menu!

The menu, for example, includes dishes such as cuttlefish tagliatelle on a creamy foam, a fillet of pollack adorned with a white butter sauce, a revisited vacherin sprinkled with black olives: dishes that satisfy both the taste buds and the taste buds. the pupils!

Until September 9: place for a new card in line with the selection Biopics, with screenings of the Speech of a King, Truman Capote, The Social Network, Yves Saint Laurent and Sugar Man.

The icing on the cake: you have the choice to design your evening as you wish. If you can simply go to the Silencio to rediscover a film from 7 euros per screening, a 55 euros formula allows you to taste the starter, main and dessert menu.

The full package at 79 euros offers the chance to discover the film, one of the cocktails and the menu accompanied by a glass of wine. The promise of a memorable evening that will put stars in your eyes and on your plate!

The speech of a king, roma, truman capote… nuggets of cinema to (re) discover at the silencio - cinema actus



SEPTEMBER 2: Raging Bull by Martin Scorsese
SEPTEMBER 3: Elephant Man by David Lynch
SEPTEMBER 4: Roma by Alfonso Cuaron *
SEPTEMBER 5: Eraserhead by David Lynch


SEPTEMBER 8: The King’s Speech by Tom Hooper
SEPTEMBER 9: Bennett Miller’s Truman Capote
SEPTEMBER 10: The Social Network by David Fincher
SEPTEMBER 11: Ed Harris’ Pollock
SEPTEMBER 12: Yves Saint Laurent by Jalil Lespert
SEPTEMBER 15: NWA – Straight Outta Compton by F. Gary Gray
SEPTEMBER 16: Sugar Man by Malik Bendjelloul
SEPTEMBER 17: Bronson by Nicolas Winding Refn
SEPTEMBER 18: Special Screening
SEPTEMBER 19: Special Screening

* session included exclusively with dinner


Until September 19
Silencio Pop Up
22 Rue Guillaume Apollinaire
75006 Paris

Film only: from 7 €
Dinner alone: ​​55 €
Cocktail formula, film, dinner, glass of wine: 79 €

*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health

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