The Social Network: screenwriter Aaron Sorkin wants a sequel with David Fincher

Screenwriter Aaron Sorkin has revealed that he is interested in writing a sequel to “The Social Network”, only if David Fincher makes it happen.

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Ten years after its release, will The Social Network be the subject of a sequel? Interviewed in an American podcast (via The Hollywood Reporter), screenwriter Aaron Sorkin has indeed expressed interest in the idea of ​​writing a second installment exploring behind the scenes of the Facebook company, led by the controversial Mark Zuckerberg (played on screen by Jesse Eisenberg). During the interview, Sorkin also explains having discussed at length with Roger McNamee, Facebook investor at its launch, who in 2019 reviewed his bitter experience in a book entitled “Zucked” (which we could translate in French as “be had by Zuckerberg”).

During their meeting, the two men notably discussed the political activities of the social network, which allows anyone to disseminate information – erroneous or not – for a financial contribution. A worrying current situation, especially during an election period, which could serve as a starting point for this second part: “Sandberg (CEO of Facebook, editor’s note) and Zuckerberg seem to have nothing to do with all this. And we end with McNamee in a secure Senate conference room alerting its members to the danger Facebook could have on our democracy “.

If the contours of the plot of this potential Social Network 2 seem to have already been thought by Sorkin, the latter nevertheless poses a non-negotiable condition to agree to write this sequel: “David Fincher must direct the film”. Considerable success when it was released in theaters at the end of 2010, The Social Network won several Oscars, including Best Adaptation and Best Original Music.

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