The Singing Club on CANAL +: what is this movie from the director of Full Monty with Kristin Scott Thomas?

As part of its new 100% cinema label, CANAL + is broadcasting “The Singing Club” tonight at 9:05 pm. A feel good film unheard of in France, by Peter Cattaneo (“The Full Monty”), which is inspired by the true story of military women’s choirs.

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What is it about ?

Yorkshire, 2011. Soldiers from Flitcroft Garrison are sent on a mission overseas. To overcome their anxieties, their companions decide to create a choir. It is run by the austere but surprising Kate Barclay, wife of the Colonel. Welded together by a common desire to make their daily lives swing, Kate, Laura, Annie and the others will take their “Singing Club” to the Royal Albert Hall for an unforgettable concert.

A feel good movie inspired by a true story

After Le Jardin secret, Miss Révolution, and Resistance, CANAL + is offering its subscribers this evening the opportunity to discover a new film unheard of in France, The Singing Club, thanks to its new 100% cinema label: CANAL + PREMIÈRE. Directed by the Briton Peter Cattaneo, to whom we owe the nugget The Full Monty and who signs here his first feature film since the release of The Rocker 12 years ago, this dramatic comedy full of pep’s oscillates throughout the game between laughter and emotion, and should delight fans of “feel good” films with a musical atmosphere.

“What attracted me the most about this project was without doubt the idea of ​​making a film that celebrates the emotional power of music and the cathartic effect in the act of singing together”, explains Peter Cattaneo about The Singing Club, which takes us into the daily life of a group of military women, in a small English barracks, who one fine day decide to form a choir in order to kill boredom and to stick together during the absence of their husbands and companions, sent on mission to Afghanistan. A tale inspired by the true story of the Military Wives Choirs, an association comprising 75 choirs (and over 2,200 members) spread across different English military bases in the UK and overseas, which aims to bring together the wives of soldiers through the song. Popularized by the English show The Choir, which devoted its fourth season to it in 2011, this choir like no other ended up performing at the Royal Albert Hall for the last episode. Subsequently selling more than 550,000 singles of his hit “Wherever You are”, written from extracts of letters exchanged between these military wives and their husbands.

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Viewers and cinephiles fond of inspiring stories, which are good for morale and make you want to push the song, should therefore find their account thanks to The Singing Club, which owes a lot to the talent of its performers. Kristin Scott Thomas and Sharon Horgan (Catastrophe) in the lead, who, like all their playmates, gave voice for the needs of the film. “The vocals were all recorded under live conditions, in the film sets, retaining the imperfections of an amateur choir, to achieve an authentic sound”, says Peter Cattaneo. “The actresses rehearsed the final song before the shoot, but we chose not to have them rehearse the ‘known’ songs, to keep that raw and spontaneous side.”. Popular pieces taken from the repertoire of the 80s in particular which are added to the original song “Home Thoughts From Abroad”, composed especially for the film by Robbie Williams and Guy Chambers. Just that. And which concludes with great emotion the adventure of this funny and touching Singing Club.

Find The Singing Club this Wednesday, December 9 at 9:05 p.m. on CANAL + and available on demand on myCANAL.

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