The Simpsons: 5 questions we can ask ourselves about the series (and their answers)

The Simpsons: 5 questions we can ask ourselves about the series (and their answers)

Why are the Simpsons yellow? Why does Marge have such a rocky voice? Where is the city of Springfield located? Let’s take a look back at 5 questions you may have already asked yourself about Matt Groening’s series.


Since their very first television appearance (December 17, 1989 on Fox), Homer, Marge, their children and everyone in the small town of Springfield have sported a yellow complexion. But where can this color come from?

Could this simply be the trademark of Matt Groening, creator of The Simpsons? It only takes a quick glance at the characters of Futurama and Désenchantée, his other two animated series, to realize that it is not.

Initially drawn in black and white on Matt Groening’s notebook, the Simpsons would indeed have been colored yellow (intentionally or by mistake) by one of the hosts of the series, before its broadcast. By observing the result, the creator of the show would have immediately flashed on this initiative, decreeing that it was an excellent idea.

Yellow being used very little on television and attracting the eye almost automatically, this color would thus allow future viewers to identify the series in a fraction of a second when they zapped from one channel to another. What propel the Simpsons on the road to success … which they still walk today, and for more than 30 years.



To find first names for his characters, Matt Groening did not look very far, and indeed decided to draw inspiration from those closest to him. This is how he named the mom and dad of the Simpson family after his own parents: Homer Groening and Margaret (uncontracted version of the first name Marge) Groening. It should also be noted that his mother’s maiden name was Wiggum: a surname which eventually inherited the Springfield police chief.

But it doesn’t stop there! “It’s very funny because I found the names of each of my characters in relation to those of my family”, explained Matt Groening in 2009 on W9. “Homer, Marge, Lisa, Maggie … They are all very proud and very angry at the same time because of the character of everyone on the show. Except maybe for my sister Lisa, I think I got it right. . “

Thus, two of Matt Groening’s five sisters are also named Maggie and Lisa. And his grandfather, like Grandpa Simpson, was named Abraham. As for Bart, the turbulent eldest son of the Simpson family, Groening would have been inspired by himself to create it, bequeathing him his old brush cut and a first name which is simply the anagram of the word “brat” (in French , “dirty kid”).



An essential distinguishing feature of mum Simpson (who no doubt gave her various vocal performers a hard time), Marge’s rugged and hoarse voice has a very precise origin … and much simpler than you might think.

While Véronique Augereau (who doubles Marge in the French version of Simpson) had questioned Matt Groening about this in 2009, still on W9, the latter had quite naturally answered:

The reason for that hoarse voice is simply that her collar is too tight. If she ever takes it off, you’ll see, she has a perfectly normal voice. “



Knowing that more than thirty American cities located in 25 different states bear the name of Springfield, how do you know exactly where the Simpsons live? To this question that fans have been asking for many years, the creator of the series ended up providing an answer in 2012, at the microphone of the magazine Smithsonian.

“Springfield was named after the city of Springfield, Oregon”, thus explained Matt Groening. “The only explanation for this is that as a child, the Father Knows Best series was set in the city of Springfield, and I was delighted because I imagined it was right next to Portland, my hometown. . Growing up, I realized that it was just a fictitious name. I also realized that Springfield was one of the most common city names in America. Anticipating the success of the series , I was like, ‘This is going to be cool, everyone is going to think this is their Springfield.’ And that’s the case.”



A little over 11 days, or exactly 272 hours or 16,320 minutes!

This is how long it will take if you decide to watch the 680 episodes of Simpson available in France (i.e. the first 31 seasons). Knowing that each episode lasts approximately 24 minutes and that each season has a good twenty episodes (except the first which has only 13), the entire series created by Matt Groening in 1989, and which has therefore been in existence for more than 30 years, obviously reaches an impressive length of time.

For those who would like to take the experience even further, you can even add to this already dizzying figure the 87 minutes of the feature film released in theaters in 2007!

(Re) discover the “Simpsons – the movie” trailer …

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