The Shrink Next Door on Apple TV +: how to adapt a series based on an improbable …

Launched with its first three episodes on November 12 on Apple TV +, the miniseries The Shrink Next Door stars Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell. Meeting with the team of the series.

TO At first glance, it’s a nice comedy but it’s a real drama behind the story of The Shrink Next Door, especially since it is true. In the 1980s, Marty – played by Will Ferrell – is the heir to the flourishing family business. Deeply hurt in his skin, and exceedingly insecure, he ends up seeing a psychiatrist, Ike Herschkopf – played by Paul Rudd – who takes advantage of his weaknesses to literally steal his life.

The Shrink Next Door, a series written by Georgia Pritchett and directed by Michael Showalter with Paul Rudd, Will Ferrell, Kathryn Hahn, Casey Wilson…

AlloCiné: What was your reaction to this story based on real facts?

Georgia pritchett : I was really surprised and intrigued by this story which was the subject of a podcast. I really thought it was a crazy story, which is ironic for a show with such a title. I think with this crazy pandemic period, this story is even more likely and could happen to anyone. Especially if you are isolated, alone and gripped by fear. In fact, I think we could all be Marty Markowitz, played by the brilliant Will Ferrell.

Michael showalter : I too was immediately won over by the podcast that created our series. The possibility of making a fiction out of it was obvious. Especially since I live in New York and have spent a lot of time in the Hamptons where our story takes place. I have met a number of people who look like our protagonists. I myself have been in therapy for years and so I know the world of psychiatrists well and I can understand that some can fall into the manipulative drift of their patients, like here with Marty who becomes the victim of Ike (Paul Rudd, editor’s note).

Casey wilson : I remember my amazement listening to this podcast. I couldn’t believe my ears.

Kathryn hahn : It was totally amazing this story. And so addicting that I couldn’t help but follow every episode of the podcast. It was a good surprise to be able to be part of this serial adaptation.

The shrink next door on apple tv +: how to adapt a series based on an improbable...
Apple TV +

Was it a bit of a challenge to find the right tone in the writing of this series?

Georgia pritchett : Indeed because it is not a question of knowing who is responsible for the “crime” but rather of understanding why and how this could have happened. The idea was not to put oneself in a position of judge vis-à-vis the actions of Ike (Paul Rudd). I tried to put myself in the shoes of the latter to understand how and why he manages to do what he does. All of this must necessarily come from a painful personal experience. He is both guilty and victim. So I tried to write the character of Ike in such a way that one is as attracted by his charm as repelled by his unscrupulous ways of acting.

In the end, what is the moral of this story?

Georgia pritchett : I don’t know if we can talk about morality, but it’s clear that for me, it’s a series that shows that the human spirit always triumphs over evil. So it’s a series full of hope, the hope of getting out of it and eventually succeeding in life. After the rain, always comes the good weather and the sun.

Michael showalter : For me, it’s the idea that you have to beware of false idols, charlatans promising you the moon. You have to learn to be wary of others and never give them everything and reveal all your secrets to them, at the risk of falling under their control. You have to know, I believe, to be lucid with yourself and never lose the sense of who you are. And even in times of doubt you shouldn’t get lost in others. Life is such a delicate search for balance.

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