The series to watch from October 12 to 18: Le Mensonge, Infidèle, La Flamme …

From the parody comedy “La Flamme” on Canal + to the end of the mini-series “Le Mensonge” on France 2, an overview of the series events of the week from 12 to 18 October.

Julien Panié – MakingProd / Between 2 and 4 / Canal +



France 2

The Lie – Season 1 Drama, Biopic, Judicial

Final of the mini-series adapted from the Iacono affair and worn by Daniel Auteuil.

Canal +

The Flame – Season 1 Comedy

This is one of the series events of this end of the year. Jonathan Cohen is the hero of this parody of the Bachelor in which he must find the lucky winner among 13 contenders. The actor finds the authors of Serge Le Mytho, Jérémie Galan and Florent Bernard, and gives the answer to a female cast of choice: Géraldine Nakache, Adèle Exarchopoulos, Ana Girardot, Florence Foresti or even Leïla Bekhti to name a few. An audience of guests (Orelsan, Pierre Niney, Angèle…) is also invited for a few episodes.


France 3

Captain Marleau – Season 1 Police officer

Sylvie Testud and Christophe Lambert give the answer to Corinne Masiero in the new episode “The Ice Queen”. The investigator in the chapka tries to solve a murder case in the world of figure skating.



Toto’s Jokes – Season 1 Animation

At 8 years old, Toto is a mischievous boy who loves to add a touch of fantasy to his daily life. School is for him a place of reunion with friends, an ideal playground for having fun with friends.

Canal +

Esther’s Notebooks – Season 2 Animation

Final of season 2 of the adaptation of the comic book by Riad Sattouf. A season 3 is in preparation.

Overseas The 1st

Aruanas – Season 1 Drama, Thriller

This Brazilian novelty follows the investigation of three activists into the activities of a mining company operating in the Amazon rainforest. While uncovering a dangerous web of crimes, secrets and an environmental tragedy that unfolds with impunity, these women also have to contend with their own personal ghosts and dramas.



Unfaithful – Season 2 Drama, Thriller

Final of season 2 of the French series worn by Claire Keim and Jonathan Zaccaï.

Canal +

Two Weeks to Live – Season 1 Adventure, Comedy

A year after the Game of Thrones finale, Maisie “Arya Stark” Williams is back on a whole new level. For this British novelty, she plays Kim Noakes, a young woman raised by her mother on the margins of society leaving her campaign for a secret mission to honor the memory of her father. Both naive and badass, motivated by a strange “list” and an unwavering thirst for revenge, she discovers the world, its dangers and its quirks. His meeting with brothers Nicky and Jay complicates the situation. A harmless prank goes awry, and the trio cause a series of chaotic events that puts their lives in danger …


Harley Quinn – Season 1 Comedy, Action, Animation

The heroine of the DC team is finally entitled to her animated series! Separated from the Joker, she strives to be up to the task of reigning over Gotham City by positioning herself as the cream of the crop.


France 2

The Little Murders of Agatha Christie – Season 2 Police officer

Final of season 2 of the adaptation of the works of the English novelist. A season 3 is in preparation.



The Goldbergs – Season 6 Comedy

The family series returns for a 6th season as crazy as ever.

Altice Studio

Briarpatch – Season 1 Drama, Crime, Thriller

Final of the 1st and only season of the American series worn by Rosario Dawson.



Miraculous New York: Heroes United – TV Movie Animation, Family, Comedy

In this special episode of the adventures of the young heroine, Marinette’s class must travel to New York to celebrate Franco-American Friendship Week. The whole class participates … except Adrien, because his father refuses to let him go. In anticipation of his departure, Ladybug asks Chat Noir to watch over Paris but does not specify the reasons for his absence. The latter takes the mission very seriously… but when Marinette, as a class delegate, convinces Gabriel to let his son go with his classmates, Adrien has a problem. Indeed, the schoolboy is also Chat Noir in secret, he cannot at the same time watch over Paris and be with his class in New York …




Kipo and the Age of Animonsters – Season 3 Adventure, Animation

Against all odds, Kipo and his gang ended the reign of terror of a former enemy. They must now face off against a fierce villain who prey on mutants.


Social Distance – Season 1 Dramatic comedy, Drama

This anthology series follows the lives of people in quarantine following the global coronavirus pandemic.


The Revolution – Season 1 Drama, Horror-horror, Historical

In a revisited version of the French Revolution, the future inventor of the guillotine discovers a disease which pushes the nobles to murder commoners. To arms, citizens ! For its new French series, Netflix takes us back to the 18th century… with a little a fantastic twist.

Star Trek: Discovery – Season 3 (US + 24) Adventure, Science fiction

In these new episodes, members of the Discovery team discover the wormhole and head to an unknown future far from home-Earth. Living in an America where uncertainty reigns, the team must fight to find a promising future …

Someone Must Die – Season 1 Drama, Crime, Thriller

After La Casa de la Flores, the Spanish Manolo Caro returns with his new creation. This three-part mini-series will tackle different subjects including homophobia in an Agatha Christie atmosphere that will appeal to fans of the genre. On the distribution side, we find in particular the young Ester Exposito, seen in the Spanish series Elite.

Grand Army – Season 1 Drama

Inspired by the moods of New York youth, the story follows five students from a school in Brooklyn and in particular Joey Del Marco, a sixteen-year-old girl who was sexually assaulted by three long-time friends. dated.

Pup Academy: The Secret School – Season 2 Comedy, Family

The adorable talking puppies are back for another round of adventures.

Kids of the Apocalypse – Season 3 Comedy, Fantasy, Animation

As the four friends continue to live the good life with their allies the monsters, Jack fears that a new radio transmitter will put an end to this happiness.

Disney +


Meet the Chimpanzees – Season 1 Documentary

Discover the secret life of Chimp Haven, one of the world’s greatest wildlife sanctuaries in this six-part National Geographic series. Meet the Chimpanzees invites you to dive into this unique place, home to nearly 300 chimpanzees in the heart of the Louisiana forest.

Léna Dream of a star – Seasons 1 and 2 Comedy, Drama

The first 2 seasons of the series for teens, which features a young dancer propelled in 2018 when she was promised to the rank of world star, in 1905, are online!

Apple TV +


Helpsters – Season 2 Comedy, Family

The puppets continue to teach children to get out of all situations in the new season 2.


Ordesa – TV Movie Thriller

After Netflix, it is Arte’s turn to offer an interactive film. This 45-minute immersive short immerses the viewer in the heart of a dark family history in a haunted house.

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