The series on Netflix from April 17 to 23: the documentary on Michael Jordan, La Casa de Las Flores season 3 … – News TV Series

Les séries sur Netflix du 17 au 23 avril : le documentaire sur Michael Jordan, La Casa de Las Flores saison 3...

Discover with AlloCiné the series that will be released on Netflix between April 17 and 23!


The kids of the apocalypse volume 2: Jack, June, Quint and Dirk hope to find missing zombies, to reconquer their city and – who knows – to be invited to the “cool” table.


The Last Dance season 1: Netflix has advanced the release date of the basketball king Michael Jordan documentary series. It will be broadcast at the rate of two episodes per week, starting on April 20.

Midnight Gospel season 1: Clancy is an astronaut who has a faulty simulator of parallel universes. He leaves the comfort of his home to question beings living in dying worlds.


Funny planet season 1: Told by Mother Nature and her troop of strange creatures, this discovery series offers a humorous overview of the daily life of the most incredible animals in the world.


La Casa de Las Flores season 3: This comic and dramatic series that spies on a rich family from Mexico and reveals its secrets is back!

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The Last Dance - season 1 Teaser VO

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