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In an interview, Fabian Wolfrom expresses his frustrations with his participation in “Here everything begins”. The one who plays Louis confides in particular that he needs to tackle other projects on the sidelines of the series to feed his game…

Since the first episode of Here it all begins, the young actor Fabian Wolfrom slips into the skin of Louis. Brilliant behind the stove and manipulative outside the kitchen, the character is one of the most interesting in the series, in particular thanks to the performance of his interpreter. In the plots, the protagonist also lives a tumultuous romantic relationship with Charlene, played by Pola Petrenko.

Fabian Wolfrom talks about his character

In the columns of our colleagues from Télé 7 Jours, the actor who will soon be seen in Bardot on France 2 looks back on his experience in the soap opera and comments on the status of his fictional alter ego. According to him, the hidden son of the great chef Auguste Armand (who founded the Institute within which the heroes of everyday life evolve) is now more peaceful than before.

I pushed a lot in this directionassure Fabian Wolfrom. On the love side, on the other hand, it’s a roller coaster. He is separated from Charlene but they will undergo the chemical evidence of the body and the spirit… or not (laughs)! In any case, he continues to be a teacher, at least until the end of the school year. And then we’ll see.

He goes on to explain the effort required to keep up with the pace of filming a soap opera: “Shooting any daily is demanding… Louis is often angry, nervous, threatening and aggressive even if less than before. It’s sports. I had underestimated the investment in terms of energy and time required to shoot a daily newspaper. I tried to do it with good will and a little imagination.”

“I have to eat other things”

Finally, if he claims to be “very happy to be in this series“and take”regularly enjoy playing Louis Guinot“, Fabian Wolfrom also admits to currently trying”just to find a new breath“in the skin of the troublemaker.

He confesses to feeling a burning desire to embark on other projects, scratching the passage of the successful series of TF1: “All [me fait envie, ndlr] (he smiles) ! Here everything begins lack of action and horizons. My avowed and asserted fantasy is a project in the mountains, with action. I want to meet people, learn things, travel, be at the service of a project with more challenge and meaning. (…) So that this character doesn’t get tired – and that I don’t get tired either -, I have to nourish myself with other things.

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