The Scott Brothers: This Huge Mistake About Haley and Nathan’s Marriage Nobody Noticed


In the finale of the first season of “The Scott Brothers”, the characters of Haley and Nathan united for life. A moving marriage in which however hides a scriptwriting error that could almost have gone unnoticed…

In more than 9 years on the air, the authors of the Scott Brothers have sometimes made some scriptwriting errors. While fans of the show didn’t fail to notice a minor blunder in the timeline of Haley’s pregnancy in Season 4, there’s another mistake regarding Haley and Nathan’s marriage that hasn’t gone unnoticed.

The star couple of the Scott Brothers, played by Bethany Joy Lenz and James Lafferty, married twice. The first time during the finale of the first season, where they united during a secret ceremony, and the second, in the last episode of season 3, where they decided this time to celebrate their union surrounded by all their friends.

And it was during this first ceremony that this error of temporality slipped in. In the last minutes of episode 22 of season 1, Lucas (Chad Michael Murray) goes to Nathan’s apartment in the early morning to say goodbye to Haley before leaving town.

This is when the couple reveals to the young man that they got married”yesterday evening” after the basketball game. We also see a little earlier in the episode Haley joining Nathan to get married when it is already dark. It is therefore logical that in the minds of viewers, the wedding had taken place in the middle of the night.

But in the first episode of season 2, flashbacks allow us to witness this beautiful moment. Nathan and Haley are hand in hand on a beach, accompanied by the young woman’s parents, and they say to each other “Oui” for life.

A magical moment that takes place… in broad daylight. However, according to the chronology of the last episode of season 1 and the words of Haley, this temporality does not fit. This monumental error therefore seems to have passed under the radar of the writers and production teams, but certainly not under that of the die-hard fans of the series.

If you missed this gaffe on your first viewing, Les Frères Scott is available in full on Amazon Prime Video. The series is also being rebroadcast on TFX every day from Monday to Friday from 12:25 p.m.

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