The School of My Life: The New Book by Berlin-Blogger Matze Hielscher

The School of My Life: The New Book by Berlin-Blogger Matze Hielscher

photo: Ferdinand von Schwilden.

Who wouldn’t love famous German animator and producer Frank Elstner on how to shape a career like him? Or how do you learn to have a ready answer for every situation from iconic talk show host Anne Will? Or how to become as free and impartial as former MTV host and writer Charlotte Roche. Matze Hielscher, co-founder of the city’s digital magazine “Mit Vergnügen” and host of the popular interview podcast “Hotel Matze” wrote a wonderful book in which he captured the wisdom of awesome people. Who is this book for? “For all the people who find themselves by the pool and don’t quite dare to jump in. Because most of the people in the book have felt the same way at some point.”

Captured between two book covers, dozens of life recipes from successful German creative minds, whose life stories will inspire you and give you new life impulses. Inspired by more than a hundred fascinating interviews during his podcast “Hotel Matze”, he had the idea to capture the wisdom and the tricks of the trade which delighted his listeners every week for 4 years. People like Ferdinand Von Schirach and Dunja Hayali talk about their life decisions, missteps and learning experiences, and most importantly the advice they want to give young people on their own path.

Piper Verlag’s book “The School of My Life” is now available in bookstores.

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by Franziska
September 14, 2020
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