The school of life on France 2: who performs the flagship song of the series?  - News Series on TV

The school of life on France 2: who performs the flagship song of the series? – News Series on TV

France 2 is launching this evening “The school of life”, a new school series with Guillaume Labbé whose emotion is underlined by the song “Beaux”, which punctuates the episodes. A title written and performed by Clara Luciani especially for the series.

Launched this evening at 9:05 p.m. on France 2, The School of Life, a new school series carried by Guillaume Labbé (I promise you), Florence Pernel, Emilie Dequenne, or even Bruno Sanches (HPI), follows the daily life of Vincent Picard, a history-geography teacher who, following a terrible personal tragedy, will try to rebuild himself by immersing himself body and soul in his teaching profession. In contact with his students, whom he will help, and who need him as much as he needs them.

A little gem of emotion, which deals with important and strong subjects such as disability, alcoholism among young people, mistreatment, or extreme right-wing radicalization. And whose emotional power is enhanced by a song, entitled “Beaux”, which we hear throughout each of the six episodes and which accompanies, and underlines, the progress of Vincent and his class of Première throughout this first season. .

“Wrong, when I say I don’t care I’m lying / It’s because they never really leave me / These people looking at me askance / Ouch, why should we hurt each other? Come on, more near that I look after you / Ouch, why would we have to hurt each other? / Mingle your life with my life / We could keep warm / Smooth our feathers and find ourselves beautiful “. Bewitching, even heady, lyrics and melody that still haunt viewers long after viewing The School of Life and which we owe to singer Clara Luciani.

It was Nagui, co-producer of the series, who went to find the 28-year-old singer-songwriter, revealed by the title “La Grenade”, to ask her to imagine the flagship song of The School of Life . A challenge that Clara Luciani immediately accepted to take up, as she explained recently in Taratata.

Nathalie Guyon / FTV

“Everything was aligned to please me. Already the fact that Nagui is behind this project. He is someone I respect a lot, who is at the origin of a lot of musical encounters which were super important for me. The theme of the series, everything appealed to me, everything made sense. So my response was immediate. “, confided the singer awarded the prize for the best female performer at the Victoires de la musique in 2020.

And if Clara Luciani did not hesitate to write “Beaux”, the flagship song of The School of Life, with Sage, alias Ambroise Wuillaume, it is because the themes addressed by the France 2 series have found a a very personal echo in her. “It was a real liberation, for a very personal reason. I myself experienced bullying when I was younger. I never had the idea of ​​writing on this subject. He seemed too big to me, too important. But in fact, yes, it must (…) [Cette chanson], it was necessary for me. There is something of the order of the diary of a teenage girl in this text “.

Thanks to this very beautiful song, which hangs over the entire series and the characters, Clara Luciani was able to put words to a tragedy – school bullying – that too many adolescents suffer across the planet. And we challenge you to stay cool by listening to “Beaux”, of which you can already discover some notes in the player below.

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