The school of life on France 2: after Guillaume Labbé, Julie de Bona will be the star of…

France 2 will launch in a few days the filming of season 2 of “The school of life”. With a notable arrival in the cast since Julie de Bona (“Plan B”) joins the series and succeeds Guillaume Labbé as the new main teacher.

As we recently learned of the cessation of Rousseau’s faultwhich will not return for a season 3, the other school series of France 2, The school of life, will indeed be entitled to new episodes soon. With a big casting change.

Adapted from Quebec fiction 30 livesThe school of life, broadcast in the spring of 2021, told the daily life of Vincent Picard (Guillaume Labbe), a History-Geo teacher in a big city high school who, while going through a terrible tragedy on a personal level, did his best to continue his teaching profession without fail and not to sink. His priority remains his students.

Confirmed more than a year ago by France 2, season 2 will finally begin filming this Tuesday, August 16 in Paris and the Paris region. And who says new season of The school of life, says even high school (the Arago high school) but new main teacher since, in the original Quebec series, each season focused on a different teacher.

Julie de Bona will be the heroine of season 2

For the return to the screen of the series produced by Nagui via Fiction’Air and Banijay Studios, France 2 called on a face extremely appreciated by viewers since it is Julie de Bona who will camp Alexandra Delage, the new heroine of The School of Life.

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Aged 34, Alexandra Delage is both an amazing French teacher and a brilliant teacher in a theater workshop. In everything she does, Alexandra naturally empathizes with her students: according to her, to learn well, you have to feel good about yourself.

This is why she tries to solve as much as possible the problems of her students and especially those, particularly acute, of one of her classes of Première, which we will thus follow throughout these six new episodes.

But everything becomes even more difficult when Alexandra finds herself forced to manage a personal problem that could jeopardize her career and her family plans. For the first time in her life, the one who loves helping others will also have to agree to get help.

Expected soon in the credits of the series The Fighters and The house oppositeas well as the M6 ​​TV movie dragon boat (on whose set we recently visited) Julie de Bona is definitely not unemployed and continues to chain beautiful projects.

At his side, the faithful of the series will find almost all of the teaching staff of the first season, namely Florence Pernell (Carole Mine), Bruno Sanches (Leo Costa) Melanie Page (Sandrine Joubert) Nicolas Briancon (Xavier Burgin), Cedric Revollon (M. Chagne), Yannig Samot (Patrick Bouvier), Cecile Rebboah (Aline Fourge), Lea Millet (Ms. Jimenez), and Nader Boussandel (Rayan Yadir).

The school of life on france 2: after guillaume labbé, julie de bona will be the star of...

Guillaume Labbé does not return

While we could hope that he continues to appear as a secondary character, Guillaume Labbé, alias Vincent Picard, will be absent from this second burst of episodes.

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An absence which can be explained by the fact that the actor, seen recently in Parallels on Disney+, also has a busy schedule. He is currently filming season 3 of I promise you for TF1 and will soon be in Escort Boys on Amazon Prime Video.

On the student side, season 2 of The School of Life will feature a new group of teenagers camped by the actors Iliana Belkhadra (Amber Savin), Nolan Masraf (Naim), Sarah Pachoud (Ludivine Garibaldi), Rita Benmannana (Maelys), Marine Marcais-Boyer (Margaux), and Elliot Daurat (Adam).

Made by Slimane-Baptiste Berhoun (episodes 1 to 3) and Nolwenn Lemesle (episodes 4 to 6), these new episodes are written by Yann LeGal, Zina Modiano, Helene Hassoun, Emmanuelle Michelet, Sandrine Gregor, Charlotte Vecchiet, Jean-Baptiste Vandroyand Niels Rahou.

The filming of this second season will continue until November 4, for a scheduled broadcast in 2023 on France 2.

Find the first season of The School of Life on Salto.

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