The Sandman on Netflix: Neil Gaiman unveils behind the scenes of his series with Gwendoline Christie - News Séries

The Sandman on Netflix: Neil Gaiman unveils behind the scenes of his series with Gwendoline Christie – News Séries

Announced two years ago as the most expensive DC series ever produced, The Sandman by Neil Gaiman unveils a featurette in which the author and executive producer shows how the adaptation of his comic becomes reality.

DC Comics

Netflix has just released a video that gives a behind-the-scenes look at its upcoming dark fantasy series The Sandman, adapted from its comic book. The rich and intricate plot spans hundreds of years, with the comic spanning 75 issues published from January 1989 through March 1996 under the aegis of DC Comics’ Vertigo.

From the introduction of the video, Neil Gaiman sets the tone: “Sandman is the story of where we go when we close our eyes at night. Let’s call it the Dream. And the Dream is ruled by Morpheus. For 32 years, for anyone who has read Sandman, read the comics, this world is ending.

A summary from Netflix describes the series as follows: “A rich mix of modern myth and dark fantasy in which contemporary fiction, historical drama and legend are perfectly interwoven. The Sandman follows the people and places touched by Morpheus, the King of Dreams, as he fixes the cosmic and human mistakes he has made during his vast existence.

The main plot of the comic books follows Morpheus (Tom Sturridge), also known as Dream, captured by an occult group in 1916 and imprisoned for decades. When he manages to escape, he tries to rebuild his dream kingdom.

Gaiman got to see his dream come to life at Shepperton Studios in England, where Netflix set up its production base in 2019. The video features interviews with cast members such as Gwendoline Christie, who plays fallen angel Lucifer Morningstar.

I read the graphic novels so I knew I had to be a part of this project because something really unique was going to happen“, says Christie.”The sets are huge, special care has been taken to detail and the way this universe comes to life.

Qualifying the artistic department, technicians and decorators “absolute magicians“, Gaiman congratulates the team who work hard to bring their Sandman world to life.

This video comes a few days after a controversy over the casting of the series. Some Internet users have criticized the choice of Kirby Howell-Baptiste, a black actress, to play Death. Same reactions for the non-binary actor Mason Alexander Park chosen to play Le Désir. Gaiman slammed them back on the ropes after Netflix tweeted a photo featuring the rest of the cast.

The Sandman is not expected to hit screens until 2022.

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