The Samaritan on Prime Video: “A superhero rooted in reality” according to Sylvester…

On the poster for the film “The Samaritan” available on Amazon Prime Video, Sylvester Stallone confided in our microphone about his very first experience as a lead actor in a superhero film.

Since this Friday, August 26, Sylvester Stallone is starring in the movie The Samaritan available exclusively on the Amazon Prime Video platform. For this occasion, the interpreter of rocky and of Rambo spoke to our microphone about this project dear to his heart, and his desire to revisit the myth of the superhero in a more realistic setting, in order to allow spectators to better identify with the character despite his supernatural powers.

What attracted you to this project? Why did you decide to shoot this film?

Sylvester Stallone : I think the film is a reflection of today’s society. Very often, we think that it is up to people to take care of themselves, and therefore to make the law of the strongest prevail. And then suddenly, we wonder why there is such a climate of violence.

In movies, the answer usually comes from a “mythological” character, but the reality is quite different, and I always say that to move society forward, you have to act on your own. But sometimes it is necessary to have a role model, even a hero, to embody the responsibilities that we are not ready to assume.

In the specific case of this film, the character has experienced problems in the past that he has not been able to face, and he has therefore chosen to disappear by adopting the most anonymous identity of our society: that of a garbage collector. No one pays attention to these people, yet without them we would be in big trouble! There are so many metaphors in this story that caught my attention.

Before being an actor, you did odd jobs. Were you inspired by these experiences of the past for your interpretation of the Samaritan?

You are not wrong. I’ve done all the jobs in the world, doorman, bartender, the one who cuts off fish heads… It’s a great lesson in life that teaches us to remain humble, and lots of other things that will serve us throughout our existence. For example, I enjoy my job more today than when I was in my thirties. At the time I thought I already knew everything, but the truth is that I knew nothing at all. We only reach a form of experience when we are 41, and we continue to learn things day by day.

The samaritan on prime video: "a superhero rooted in reality" according to sylvester...
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Of all the action scenes in the film, which was your favorite to shoot?

There is a moment in life when you realize that you can no longer shoot Rambo-type action scenes as if you were still 29 years old. We must be aware of the age we have, and this stage is also part of the lessons that life offers us. We are still the same person, but we are also different.

This guy has supernatural strength, he’s not particularly fast, he doesn’t jump from building to building, but he’s really, really strong. So he’s a superhero rather anchored in reality, in a way he’s a modern Hercules. We can more easily identify with a character if, like us, he can die and be defeated by his enemies.

The Samaritan is not inspired by any comic book, which allows the film to develop its own mythology. How did this aspect feed your imagination as an artist?

There has been admirable work done by certain filmmakers, and certain companies like Marvel and DC, to push the limits of what is possible in cinema. Everything you can imagine has taken shape thanks to these films. But I’ve always thought that the things we identify with the most are mundane things related to our daily lives like almost being hit by a car, walking down a dark alley at night… These are very concrete things.

What I am clumsily trying to say is that with this film we wanted to make the story sufficiently realistic and believable, to give the audience the impression that all of this could happen to them, the action takes place in our world and not in another universe. The action of the film takes place in streets like ours, and the message would be that we must always be careful of what could happen to us.

That’s what I always tell my daughters: nowadays, there is no more warning before danger. You have to learn to constantly look around. It is therefore this feeling that I tried to bring to the film, because despite its supernatural character, it is above all a film designed to be anchored in our reality.

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