The Rookie: Emily Deschanel (Bones) will play Nathan Fillion’s ex-wife in season 3

Season 3 of “The Rookie” will see the arrival of a new character played by Emily Deschanel, aka Temperance Brennan in “Bones”. For the occasion, she will give the reply to Nathan Fillion.

Two procedural series stars will see their world collide in season 3 of The Rookie. Emily Deschanel, who played Dr Temperance Bones in Bones for 12 years, and Nathan Fillion, alias Rick Castle, will be playing each other for the first time.

It is on the occasion of episode 12, which will be broadcast on May 2 on ABC, that Emily Deschanel will make her arrival in the detective series. She will camp there Sarah, the ex-wife of John Nolan visiting Los Angeles following the hospitalization of the couple’s son, which occurred at the end of the episode broadcast last night across the Atlantic.

In the pilot of The Rookie, which aired in 2018, viewers learned that Sarah had gotten pregnant while she and John were still in college, forcing John to drop out of school to start a construction company. Several years later, when their marriage was in turmoil, they decided to divorce as soon as their son Henry left for college.

Since the termination of Bones in 2017, Emily Deschanel has joined the cast of season 4 of Animal Kingdom, in which she lends her features to Angela, the former best friend of J.’s mother (Finn Cole).

The Rookie is broadcast in France on M6. No broadcast date for season 3 has yet been communicated.

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