The Rings of Power: where is Sauron hiding in the Prime Video series?

While his shadow has been hovering since the first episode of the series “The Rings of Power” (broadcast on Amazon Prime Video), it is difficult to know which character corresponds exactly to the evil Sauron. Back to the three main hypotheses.

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Main antagonist of Lord of the Rings and Rings of Powerhenchman of Morgoth and incarnation of absolute Evil, the tenebrous Sauron is at the heart of all the theories scaffolded by fans since the beginning of the series (available on Amazon Prime Video).

While he had supposedly been defeated at the start of the show, his shadow indeed begins to hover over Middle-earth, and to spread insidiously in many parts of the world. No doubt he has already regained physical form in order to better prepare for his return. But which ?

Of all the characters in the Rings of Power, a look back at the three most likely candidates to match Sauron.

The Stranger from Heaven

The rings of power: where is sauron hiding in the prime video series?
Amazon Prime Video

Is it Gandalf or Sauron? Falling from the sky in the form of a meteor at the end of episode 1, this mysterious character will have given rise to many theories. If most fans see him as the famous magician from Lord of the Rings (see our article on the subject) some are suspicious of appearances and attribute to him a much darker identity: that of Sauron.

Indeed, the Stranger does not seem to know himself who he really is or where he comes from, and seems to be in the grip of a real inner conflict between light and darkness. While in Episode 4 Waldred directly linked his arrival to the return of Sauron, the stranger wonders in Episode 5, troubled to find that he has unwittingly caused fireflies to die, before Nori reassures him. : “You are not a danger, you do good.”

Later in the episode, however, we can see him mysteriously freezing his own arm, and that of little Pievelu, while murmuring curious incantations.

Could this Stranger be some kind of “Sauron in spite of himself”? The future will tell.


The rings of power: where is sauron hiding in the prime video series?
Amazon Prime Video

Appearing in episode 3 of the series, this curious leader of the Orcs with ears as pointed as those of the Elves and with undisguised ambition (he himself says he wants to become the god of this world) seems to correspond in every way to the profile of Sauron. Old Waldreg, at the end of episode 5, is in any case convinced that it is indeed the Dark Lord.

But are things so simple? Could it be that Adar is in fact just a mere lieutenant of Sauron, plotting his master’s return to southern Middle-earth?

“I would like you to feel it as I feel it, because it will soon be gone,” he confides to one of his Orcs about the sun, in turn revealing a disturbing ambiguity. “And as a result, the part of me that knew his warmth will go with him. I will miss it. Gather the hordes, the time has come.”

The stranger of episode 5

The rings of power: where is sauron hiding in the prime video series?
Amazon Prime Video

Seen in the trailer for the series, this enigmatic character makes a furtive appearance in episode 5. Dressed in white, sporting strange symbols and a threatening face, flanked by two acolytes, he goes to the place where his t crashed the meteor carrying the Stranger, as if to authenticate the latter’s arrival.

Difficult to assume anything at the moment, but the physical characteristics of the young man correspond in any case perfectly to those of Sauron, or rather Annatar, the nickname borrowed by the Dark Lord to trick the Elves under an appearance seductive. It is further to his intervention that Adar alludes to the gradual disappearance of the sun.

Sauron, already disguised to corrupt the Free Peoples, is he simply on the trail of Gandalf, sent by the Valar to put him out of harm’s way?

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