The Rings of Power on Prime Video: the recap of the episode of the misunderstanding on Sauron -…

The final episode of the Rings of Power has arrived. Are we going to witness the fall of Adar? Will Durin dare to betray his father? Well none of that, but finally Rings of Power and 2 Sauron! Details in this not very serious recap! (or not)

The final episode opens with the region of Green Woods and the Stranger who, like Isaac Newton of Middle-earth, falls on an apple and has an immediate revelation: he remembers the words of the Pievelue Nori to towards him: he is not a danger and he does good.

This epiphany is interrupted by the appearance of Nori precisely, but in fact no, it is the three witches (the group led by Eminem’s hair lookalike)! They inform the Stranger that he is Sauron and that they have come to serve him. “What? Was he Sauron after all?”, we think. Generic.

Among the Elves, it’s the return of Galadriel on horseback in slow motion after the very embarrassing scene of episode 3, which is already a meme. As this time she does not smile, we forgive. Celebrimbor and Elrond despair that they have no solution to present to High King Gil-galad. Galadriel arrives with Halbrand very injured, who has therefore crossed Middle-earth on horseback and dying, pretty feat!

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The (El)round Table

Without transition, Halbrand arrives visibly healed in the workshop of the great blacksmith Celebrimbor and gives him a lesson in blacksmithing by suggesting to him that he could have still thought of using mithiril with an alloy (we summarize). Understanding that no one speaks to him about the boy band of the 90s, Celebrimbor shows interest.

HAS Númenor, Eärien is chosen among others to draw King Tar-Palantir before his death. Except that afterwards, a jump-scare makes us understand that the old man has an hallucination and takes the designer for his daughter Miriel. He warns her about the future destruction of the island. There, he tells him where the palantir is and… The rest in season 2!

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The palantir of season 2

Return to the Elves, where Celebrimbor begins to make problematic remarks, which makes Galadriel wince. He speaks of having “power over the flesh”. Huge mistake, Galadriel has grilled that something is wrong and that we are starting to be far from the idea of ​​just preserving the immortality of the Elves.

She tells herself that wearing a badge of the Southlands saying “I am the king” ultimately requires verification before being believed. But hey, a little late, since for 7 episodes, anyone could have thought of it.

Meanwhile, in the Green Woods: Isaac Newton / The Stranger thinks he might be Sauron, since the three witches look quite convincing. Some Woodworms have approached the scene, but are spotted by the witches! Fight, and Sadoc is killed. Well not really, since he gets up, hurts a witch, then watches the sunset which rises in 5 seconds, and finally dies.

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Sadoc goes away in the rising sun

At the same time, The Stranger realizes, after Nori tells him that you are defined by your actions, that he can ultimately be full of goodness and that he probably isn’t Sauron. The witches can’t get over this script misunderstanding and get sprayed, not without having dropped the word “Istar” for Tolkien fans, which may even more suggest that The Stranger could be hiding Gandalf.

Far from these considerations, Queen Miriel’s ship arrives at Númenor and Elendil understands from the black banners on the ships that the king is dead. Miriel, blinded since Episode 6, doesn’t notice and Elendil seems to find out (see her telling face below). The king is dead but what will happen to the Númenóreans? Next in season 2!

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– “My queen, are you blind then?” – “Yes, it’s been 2 episodes already”.

Seeing that the forge of the overpowered magic object imagined by Celebrimbor does not take, Halbrand decides to take things in hand and gives a last advice while Galadriel obtains the confirmation that iThere is no king of the Southern Lands. But then, who is Halbrand? Confronted, the Human sends Galadriel to a fantasy world and tries to corrupt her by taking on the appearance of her late brother. A low blow.

As she quite logically realizes that her dead brother cannot speak to her, Halbrand then places her as at the beginning of the series, alone with her on a raft. It is then certain: the ex-king of the Southern Lands is none other than Sauron. The latter announces to him that he would see himself dominating all of Middle-earth with the Elf by his side in a very beautiful aquatic plane.

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“Let’s be the Aquaman and Mera of Middle-earth”

The conversation doesn’t quite go as he hoped, and Galadriel is left drowning. She is then found (saved from the waters?) by Elrond. From then on, she makes the decision not to forge one or two rings but three, so that a balance is possible between the holders of the magic rings.

In the Green Woods, The Stranger – who is on the side of good, remember – decides to leave for Rhûn, a region of Middle-earth relatively neglected by Tolkien himself and which the scriptwriters intend to use in order to invent their own stories without being embarrassed by the fans.

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Does Nori remember an old bearded man leaving with a Hobbit for an unexpected trip?

Nori decides to leave with him because a Hobbit and a bearded human who go on an adventure, like us, it reminds him of something. She bids farewell to her family. A long time. Really long, 10 minutes in all. Then she hits the road with her favorite Istar and the sequel in season 2!

Finally, if Adar or the Dwarves and the conflict between Durin III and his son Durin IV are the great absentees of this episode (the continuation in season 2), the Elves finally forge their three rings under the gaze of more and more “gollum- esque” by Celebrimbor!

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Celebrimbor and his “gollum-esque” look

We witness a duel of satisfied glances between the blacksmith, Galadriel and Elrond, but we end all the same on the eye of Halbrand/Sauron in which we can see the Mountain of Doom because it arrives in Mordor… And it is the end, on a credits singing the “poem of the Ring”. Strongly the continuation… (wait for it…) in season 2!

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