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The Rings of Power hit the accelerator pedal with an epic battle. Was Galadriel engulfed by the volcanic eruption? Will Elrond forge his alliance with the Dwarves? Answer in this not very serious recap! (or not)

This is the penultimate episode of Rings of Power which promises its share of tensions and revelations.

Everything is red and covered in ashes. Galadriel regains consciousness in a completely devastated village of Tirharad. The few huts still standing were devoured by the flames. Galadriel calls Halbrand and Elendil. Nobody’s answering. She comes across Theo who is looking for his mother.

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Morale is not folichon folichon…

Nearby, Isildur tries to free Valandil trapped under a frame. Queen Míriel arrives and helps him free him, but Ontamo on the other hand is dead. The Queen orders her men to help her rescue a family trapped in a burning house whose roof is in danger of collapsing. As soon as the family leaves, everything collapses on Isildur.

On the side of the Pievelus, their migration seems to lead them towards the Mountain of Destiny since they find the still smoking impacts of burning rocks propelled during the eruption. The Stranger seems overwhelmed by the sight of burnt trees. He starts mumbling near one of them, as if to heal him and deploys his power again except that a branch falls and nearly crushes Nori’s little brother. This is not going to help him to pick up the pieces with the young Piévelue.

At Khazad-dûm, Elrond pleads to King Durin on his knees – and thus finds himself at the same height – to let the Elves explore his mithril mines. Before giving his answer, the King asks to speak alone with his son Prince Durin. He remains unstoppable: the exploitation of the mines risks jeopardizing the very existence of the Dwarves, so he refuses Elrond’s request. Durin collapsed.

A farewell scene ensues between Elrond and Durin where both have very heavy hearts. But they have their modesty so the tears don’t quite flow. As he leaves, Elrond returns Durin the piece of mithril he had given him and walks through his friend’s door. At that moment, Durin lets his tears flow and throws the mithril at the other end of the table right next to the leaf of the Evil-infected White Tree that Gil-galad gave to Elrond. The leaf comes back to life near the mithril. That’s all it takes for Durin to go against his father’s orders and call Elrond back.

The stampede

In Tirharad, Galadriel feels guilty for the disaster. As for Elendil, he supervises the evacuation of the survivors and his men. Queen Míriel finally arrives, exhausted and leaning on Valandil. The two want to tell Elendil of Isildur’s death, but not a word comes out of their mouths in front of an Elendil who asks where his son is.

Galadriel and Theo wander off on their own towards the Númenorean camp. She tries to comfort him, giving a moral lesson on Good and Evil along the way and galvanizing him. To convince him that he could become a soldier, she gives him her sword. A real politician, this Galadriel!

Elendil makes his way to camp alongside Queen Míriel on horseback. Then he realizes that she no longer sees anything. She has lost her sight but doesn’t want it to be known, she orders him to keep moving forward as if nothing had happened.

Among the Pievelus, the spirits seem to want to calm down. Sadoc is chatting with the Stranger and Nori hands him an apple, as a token of peace. The shot of their approaching hands recalls the fresco The Creation of Adam on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. The Stranger seizes the apple, visibly moved, then walks away. (We have a little teardrop) In the evening, Nori tells her mother that she regrets having followed the meteorite with which the Stranger crashed. La Piévelue has a big hit of the blues.

In the dead of night, Galadriel and Theo seek rest in the middle of the forest. Galadriel takes the opportunity to teach a philosophy lesson, but she continues to seek answers to the questions Theo asks. But she is saved by the bell, Orcs are prowling around and are about to discover them. Luckily for them, the nasty creatures are on their way again.

In Khazad-dûm, the bromance between Elrond and Durin flared up again. They work alone in the mine and discover a superb seam of mithril. But no time to rejoice! Durin senior comes to surprise them. The King does not want to know anything, he has Elrond expelled on the spot. Right after, father and son have an argument that could be irreparable.

The Infernal Trinity

We wake up at the Pievelus in joy and joy! Nori discovers by opening her eyes that nature has come back to life and offers provisions of fruits and vegetables. Thanks to whom ? Thanks to the Stranger’s incantations! Poppy hums while fetching water from the river until she sees a large footprint in the mud. They belong to the three disturbing hooded women who were investigating the traces of the meteorite. It smells scorched!

In the dark night, accompanied by armed men, the three women advance towards the camp. Nori steps in to indicate the direction in which the Stranger has gone. Seeing them, Nori’s father threatens them with his torch. The scariest extinguishes the fire by dipping into it with her hand. Then she blows on the embers that ignite all the Pievelus caravans. (When we told you it smells scorched!)

Arrived at the Númenórean camp, Elendil tries to calm Berek the horse of Isildur. He is restless because he is far from his master. Elendil ends up releasing it and the animal goes back to the forest to look for its human. In the same move, Elendil curses Galadriel and regrets saving her from the waters.

Galadriel just happens to arrive at the camp with Theo. He looks everywhere for his mother Bronwyn. He enters a tent that serves as a field hospital, he finally finds Bronwyn there safe and sound. And Round. He even gives her a big hug all covered by violins. Galadriel enters in turn, still looking martial. She asks to see the Queen.

Míriel is away from the camp with Elendil. She wears a blindfold. They give the final instructions before everyone embarks for Númenor. Galadriel joins them accompanied by Bronwyn. The Elf is moved by seeing the blind Queen. But Míriel stands firm as a rock and promises that Númenor will return. And poor Elendril breaks down in tears.

And hell!

The Woodworms collect what remains to be collected from the pile of ashes on their camp. Nori’s father delivers a hopeful speech that gives goosebumps. It was enough to inspire Nori who decides to go his own way to warn the Stranger of the danger that threatens him. And finally, it is Poppy then Malva and her husband Sadoc who decide to accompany her.

Míriel returned to Númenor on her boat. Arondir and Galadriel watch her from afar. This is where Bronwyn tells Galadriel that Halbrand is alive. He is badly injured and will need elven medicine to recover. But the King of the Southern Lands has a tough skin, he goes on horseback with Galadriel acclaimed by what remains of his people.

In Khazad-dûm, Durin is all sad. He was stripped of his title and honors by his father. With his wife Disa, they are about to do their Megxit. Disa exposes the King’s weakness and lack of vision and looks to the future when the Kingdom is theirs.

In the mine, Durin senior wants to close everything. He throws the leaf that has come back to life through the hole that overlooks the cavity full of mithril. When it hits the ground, the leaf catches fire and awakens a Balrog! (It no longer smells scorched, it smells burnt!)

In Tirharad, we are back with Adar and his horde of Orcs! They thrive in this chaos and thanks to the thick smoke, they can now get rid of their cloaks even in broad daylight. The sun can no longer burn them. They chant the name of Adar, Lord of the Southern Lands. Adar refutes. We must find another name for these lands.

The camera pans to Mount Doom, still on fire. The name of the Southern Lands appears on the screen to disappear and give way to that of Mordor.


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