The Rings of Power on Prime Video: a well-known object from Peter Jackson’s films is…

The Rings of Power on Prime Video a well known object

Episode 4 of The Rings of Power is available on the Prime Video platform! A sequence will bring back memories to fans of the Peter Jackson trilogy thanks to the appearance of a specific object.


In episode 3 of Rings of Power broadcast last week, we discovered the island of Númenor and more specifically the city of Armenelos.

Shipwrecked, Galadriel and Halbrand were rescued by Elendil’s ship and its crew. They then met Queen Regent Miriel.

After a few skirmishes with the Elf, the sovereign finally agrees to trust Galadriel, sending troops to Middle-earth to eradicate the evil growing in the southern lands.

But before that, Miriel wishes to show him a vision that haunts her, the fall of Númenor, engulfed under the waves. To do this, the two women go to a special room where a spherical object resides, resting on a pedestal and covered with a veil.

The Queen removes it and unveils a palantír, a kind of dark colored crystal stone. For fans of Lord of the Ringsthis object will recall the character of Saruman, who used this “stone of vision”, that of Orthanc.

It will be recovered by Gandalf, who will order never to touch it or look at it because the latter is inhabited by a very powerful magic. Obviously, Pippin will not listen to him and will seize the sphere during the sleep of the magician in The Return of the King, failing to cause a catastrophe.

In episode 4 of the Rings of Power, Miriel explains to Galadriel that there were once 7 stones of vision. Six were lost or hidden and this one was passed on to her father. The sovereign then invites Galadriel to place her hand on the sphere.

The Elf then has a vision of Númenor sinking under the waters. She comes out of it upset and shocked, despite having touched palantíri before, as she states just before laying her hand on them. The sovereign then explains to him that this vision will be accomplished, and it began as soon as Galadriel arrived.

This very powerful object is described as such by JRR Tolkien in The Lord of the Rings: “At first the globe seemed to him dark, jet-black, moonlight glistening on its surface. Then he perceived a faint glow stirring in the heart of the sphere, and she held his gaze, so that ‘it was now impossible for him to deflect it. Soon everything inside seemed to ignite; the ball was spinning, or the lights were turning within.’

This tool allows its user to project his mind where he wants and thus see what he wants. He can also have a discussion in thought with another person who also has a palantír. People with great power can manipulate the stones to see almost any part of Middle-earth.

During the Third Age, most palantíri were destroyed or lost. At the time of The Lord of the Rings, there are only four left, two of which make their appearance in the story (the Stone of Orthanc from Saruman, which will be recovered by Gandalf and Aragorn, and the Stone from Minas Tirith , used by Denethor).

Two other spheres are evoked: the stone of Minas Ithil, recovered by Sauron, and the palantír of Elendil, located on the tower of Emyn Beraid, west of the Shire.

Episode 4 of The Rings of Power is available on Prime Video.

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