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Pedro Rocha, interim president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation, has informed Jorge Vilda on Tuesday of his dismissal as head of the women’s soccer team, which under his leadership was proclaimed world champion on August 20. Vilda is the first victim of the tsunami unleashed in the federation after the non-consensual kiss of Luis Rubiales to Jennifer Hermoso and the aggressive speech delivered by the Granada leader in the assembly in which he announced that he would not resign. “The RFEF appreciates his work at the helm of the National Team and in his duties as head of sports for the women’s teams, as well as the successes achieved during his time, crowned with the recent achievement of the World Cup. We value his impeccable personal and sporting conduct, being a key player in the remarkable growth of women’s football in Spain. During his long period, Vilda has been a promoter of the values ​​of respect and sportsmanship in football, ”the federation statement resolved.

After Rubiales proclaimed that “false feminism in Spain is a scourge”, Vilda was one of those attending the assembly who applauded. His convinced clapping caused the acting vice president, Yolanda Díaz, to ask for her resignation and that of the senior men’s team coach, Luis de la Fuente, who also applauded.

Rubiales’ words and Vilda’s applause caused the Futpro union to issue a harsh statement signed by more than 80 players, including the 23 world champions, in which they announced that they would not return to the national team “as long as the current leaders continue.” Although Rubiales has refused to resign, during these days they have been consulted by what was the federative director of women’s football, the president of the Navarrese territorial Rafael del Amo. This was the only leader who asked Rubiales face to face for his resignation in the meeting prior to the assembly. Del Amo will be replaced in his position by Rocha.

In the aforementioned assembly, which accelerated the fact that FIFA suspended him for 90 days, Rubiales also interacted with Vilda and left Pedro Rocha in charge of extending his contract for four years and, in addition, that his salary would go from 170,000 euros to 500,000. Rubiales’ histrionic address, in which he included a description of the kiss to Jennifer Hermoso in which he presented himself as the victim, caused astonishment.

In addition, it also caused the international player to write on her social networks: “I felt vulnerable and the victim of an attack, an impulsive, sexist act and without any kind of consent on my part.” Then she added in bold: “I just wasn’t respected.” Hermoso was forced to denounce that Rubiales’ words, “explaining the unfortunate incident” were “categorically false and part of the manipulative culture that he himself has generated.” And he continued: “The kiss was not consented to or to my liking.” “A little bit?” I asked him. ‘Okay’, he answered me”, the leader had described.

In the Barcelona expedition during the tour of Mexico, the players were attentive to the situation of Jorge Vilda in the federation. “Now we have to push, now is the time to push,” warned one of Barça’s references, also present in Australia and New Zealand, when FIFA provisionally suspended Luis Rubiales and Jorge Vilda’s position began to falter. more cornered after effusively applauding the ex-president’s speech, despite the fact that he rectified a day later and condemned Rubiales’ attitude, both in the box and on the podium and his non-consensual kiss to Jennifer Hermoso. “On Friday he applauded him because he thinks the same as Rubiales, but on Saturday he sent that letter so as not to lose his job. He is like that. He does everything to save himself, ”complains one of the Barcelona soccer players.

Vilda never felt supported by the wardrobe. He knew that the false calm that existed during the World Cup was just that, a false calm. There was a time, yes, that the technician had earned a certain affection. “For those of us who had [Ignacio] Beloved [anterior seleccionador], Vilda’s presence was a big change. She is not a bad person. But she doesn’t know much about football, ”recalls one of the national team’s historic players, now retired. The new generations, on the other hand, never swallowed Vilda. “We had to pretend to be asleep when she came by at night to control and went into the rooms,” recalls the same source. The problem, in any case, was not the limitations in the management of the coach – “He is the typical insecure and manipulative, who wants to control everything and surrounds himself with mediocre people”, exposes a former member of his coaching staff -, the problem was his lack football knowledge. “We prepare the matches alone. Vilda’s individual strategy was of no use to us”, they comment from the environment of one of the world champions. The federation, in any case, stated in its statement: “The RFEF is left with an extraordinary sporting legacy thanks to the implementation of a recognized game model and a methodology that has been the engine of growth for all the female categories of the national team”.

Vilda already knew that her message did not reach the soccer players. She knew it since Euro 2022, never so clear since 15 players asked not to be called up last September. Some bet on their career, others on their values, today all united against Rubiales and Vilda. “You can’t go on. He has the players against him and the entire coaching staff resigned. What else has to happen?” asks a Barcelona veteran. And she didn’t have to spend anything else. Vilda was left alone. Without coaching staff or soccer players, especially without the support of her great supporter: Rubiales.

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