The Revolution on Netflix: what have you seen Amir El Kacem aka Joseph Guillotin in? – News Series

The Revolution on Netflix: what have you seen Amir El Kacem aka Joseph Guillotin in?  – News Series

You may have discovered it in The Revolution, the new series from Netflix. Yet the actor is not in his first role and he is one of those whose path is to be followed. Portrait.

Born in Paris in the 15th arrondissement but having grown up in Bordeaux, Amir El Kacem discovers very early the westerns of Clint eastwood, which makes him want to become an actor. After high school, he decided to go through the famous Cours Florent, then was accepted at the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art in the capital to learn the basics of the trade. Once his training is completed, the young man goes through the castings and finds his first significant role in the cinema in 2014 in A crazy story realized by Robert Guédiguian, which deals with a difficult subject since it concerns the Armenian genocide and its consequences. This film allows him to meet famous actors like Simon abkarian and Ariane Ascaride.


With this conclusive experience, Amir El Kacem obtains more or less important roles in comedies Microbe and Diesel (2015), Ascension (2016) and Jealous (2017), the action movie The convoy (2016), the prison drama Madly (id.) and dramatic comedy Like kings (2018). At the same time, the actor is also active on the small screen as evidenced by his performances in the series Shadow Men and Prof T., as well as the TV movie by Lucas Belvaux The end of the night adapted from the novel by François Mauriac, where he plays the main male character alongside Nicole garcia and Louise Bourgoin.

In 2018, his notoriety increased with the comedy directed by Isabelle Doval, Abdel and the Countess. In this film centered on the very cinematographic theme of the clash of cultures, Amir El Kacem plays Abdel, a resourceful young man from the city getting to know the Countess of Montarbie d’Haust (Charlotte De Turckheim), which must pass its castle on to a relative. He will then appear in the telefilms of France Télévisions Une mort sans importance et Classe unique.

The year 2020 marks a real turning point in his career. Amir El Kacem lands a role in the historic and fantasy series The Revolution, on Netflix. He lends his features to Joseph Guillotin, a humanist doctor who will discover a disease, blue blood, which is spread within the nobility. An important role and a revenge for the actor, who told us this anecdote (to find in our podcast below: “I remember that day when I wanted to prepare a scene from Nero with my teacher from the Conservatory. He told me not to work that because they would never come and get me to play it. When I pass this test and I am taken to play Joseph Guillotin, I prove him wrong. It’s a double victory“. This new production gives it in any case a new deserved spotlight, in France and in the world.

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