The Revolution on Netflix: Does Blue Blood Exist? – News Series on TV

The Revolution on Netflix: Does Blue Blood Exist?  – News Series on TV

In the series “The Revolution” broadcast on Netflix, it is about a mysterious virus referred to as “blue blood”, which pushes the Nobility to attack the people … Hence the real question: blue blood does it exist?


Kingdom of France, 1787. Investigating a series of mysterious murders, Joseph Guillotin – future inventor of the guillotine – discovers the existence of a new virus: Blue blood. The disease spreads within the aristocracy and pushes the nobility to attack the people. It’s the start of a revolt… What if we had been lied to for over two centuries? Such is the pitch – racy, to say the least – of the series La Révolution, concocted by the duo Aurélien Molas and Gaïa Guasti for Netflix, which began airing on October 16.

Blue blood then. This expression was associated in the Ancien Régime with the great families of the kingdoms in Europe, and particularly in France and Spain. From an aesthetic point of view, it was indeed fashionable for men and women of the nobility to ensure that the skin was as white and thin as possible. And what could be better than staying sheltered from the sun at all costs, in large homes, all accompanied by body and skin care, to preserve that porcelain complexion, which precisely brought out the blue veins? The peasants and the poor obviously did not have this luxury of idleness: their skin was tanned by the sun and work, with the work of the fields in the open air …

However, from a medical point of view, and not to mention a “virus”, blue blood disease does exist. In this case, it is what is called cyanogenic heart disease. Either a heart defect where there is a mixture of non-oxygenated blood (blue) with oxygenated blood (red). A purplish-blue coloration of the face, lips and nails appears, especially during crying, due to insufficient oxygenation of the blood; hence the name “blue disease”. An extreme case of this has also been reported in September 2019, and dissected in the prestigious publication The New England Journal of Medicine, when a patient was admitted to a hospital in Rhode Island, USA, with blood almost completely blue …

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