The Revenge of the Glitter Shrimps: the gay waterpolo team is back for…

Three years after the success of the first installment (nearly 600,000 admissions), the Glitter Shrimp band is back for new adventures, The Revenge of the Glitter Shrimp. Meeting with part of the team.

What is it about ?

While on their way to the Gay Games in Tokyo, the Glitter Shrimps miss their connection and find themselves stuck in the depths of Russia, in a particularly homophobic region…

A sequel, yes… but a very different film

After the success of the first part of the Glittery Shrimps (nearly 600,000 admissions), the band is back for a new plot. Rhythmic and flamboyant, this sequel promises even more adventures and twists. This new part allows you to discover more about each of the characters of this endearing gay water polo team.

The first film was in a way about the triumph of the group, we value the group, this entity… The shrimp spirit, water polo, this madness… Here we focus a little more on the characters, dig into their humor and their pain too… We really go further”underlines Geoffrey Couët (Xavier) at our microphone.

That’s what is interesting, to have succeeded in creating a puzzle in which everyone is valued. For the spectators, it’s gratifying because it allows you to find characters, and to discover more about them. And for us, actors, it was interesting to go further in the personality of our characters.”

Often the sequels are pretext films, and it’s rarely very good. There, it’s really another film, but we are still in continuity“, explains to our microphone Roland Menou, who plays the character of Joël. “It’s not ‘we take the same ones and put them elsewhere’, it’s really other subjects that are covered“, completes Romain Lancry (Damien). “The directors had a real idea in mind and the condition was: the subject must be really necessary“.

A gay James Bond

In three years (since the release of the first part of the Glittery Shrimps), a lot has happened in the cinema, and it seems that there are genres that are more likely to move the viewer“, comments Maxime Govare, co-director of the film. “We really wanted to make an adventure comedy and we had a little more means to make this film.

We did a comedy on LGBT sport, that didn’t really exist before, and there we thought of an adventure comedy with LGBT heroes, it wasn’t done, so we wanted to do that, we watched a lot of classics, we had a lot of fun“, continues the tandem of directors.

The revenge of the glitter shrimps: the gay waterpolo team is back for...
Cyril Masson

Glitter Shrimp are back

It’s a film that plays with codes, we twist them, we have fun with them”, pursues Nicolas Gob (Matthias). There is definitely an action dimension. He’s a gay James Bond!“, he jokes.

In addition to James Bond, a film in which a wink scene is present in the film, The Dictator was one of the influences of Cédric Le Gallo and Maxime Govare: “there is this kind of mise en abyme that is both dramatic and comic, it’s the masquerade, pretending to be another, lying and disguising oneself“. The directors admit that they also based themselves on a certain number of films which made it through to the second part, such as Les Bronzés font du ski and La Vérité si je mens! 2.”To develop the character of Mathias, we even thought of Terminator 2! In the first part, Arnold Schwarzenegger is the enemy. In the second, he becomes the ally“, they have fun.

More adventures, humor, and more engaged

We wanted to push all the sliders: comedy, aesthetics, and the subject, so a more committed subject on many levels. It talks a lot about homophobia, state homophobia, ordinary, everyday homophobia, the homophobia that we inflict on ourselves when we have trouble taking responsibility for ourselves… There is several layers in the film”, summarizes Cédric Le Gallo, co-director.

It’s a pretty militant film, it’s not just homophobia in Russia, it’s pretty universal“, according to Roland Menou.”The word homophobia, we can tackle it like that, but what’s behind it? Attacks, people who campaign against it, homophobia towards oneself, rejection in families… The film offers several examples of what homophobia can be, what the consequences are and how we can fight them. .. The film gives very concrete examples.” “It remains a light film, even if there is a message. That’s what makes it beyond a comedy and what makes the film moving“, concludes Roland Menou.

Revenge of the Glitter Shrimp hits the big screen this Wednesday.

The best-of and bloopers of the 2022 Alpe d’Huez Comedy Festival where the film was presented last January:

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