The return of Dexter, the brilliant series of Blanche Gardin and a new Christmas movie: the …

For this Christmas 2021, CANAL + sees things big with a garland of gifts for its subscribers. From Blanche Gardin who stops humor at the comeback of Dexter, from 1917 to A Boy Named Christmas, from Starstruck to Godzilla VS Kong: program in celebration!

The return of dexter, the brilliant series of blanche gardin and a new christmas movie: the...


The Best Version of Myself – Monday December 6

After the boards and the big screen, Blanche Gardin offers the best of gifts to her audience with the very first series created, directed, scripted by her and in which she stars: The Best version of myself, Creation Original CANAL +. In this exercise of authorization full of humor and intelligence, the actress embodies a version of herself who wants to stop humor.

During the 9 episodes filmed like a documentary, we follow her in the quest for this new life which exchanges black humor and sarcasm for good feelings, organic vegetables and yoga…! A nugget of singularity and fun with the notable participation of Louis CK

The Best Version of Myself, available December 6 on myCANAL.

Starstruck – Series – from Monday, December 13

You cried in front of Love at first sight in Notting-Hill, you will laugh to tears thanks to Starstruck. Created by New Zealander Rose Matafeo, the series portrays Jessie, a young woman living in London between her job as a babysitter and that of selling tickets in a cinema.

On New Year’s Day, her life changes when she wakes up in the arms of a certain Tom who actually turns out to be a huge star of the big screen. Between humor and romance, Starstruck tackles many subjects without taboos, such as female sexuality or the question of consent. A refreshing rom-com!

Starstruck, available from December 13 on myCANAL.

Dexter: New Blood – Thursday, December 16

Dexter fans will finally be entitled to new blood! While believed to have disappeared, Dexter Morgan returns 10 years after the events of the original series, and this through a new identity: Jim Lindsay.

Reclused in a chalet where he lives with Angela Bishop, chief of police, the former serial killer is now a salesman in a hunting and fishing store. A peaceful life that has just been turned upside down by the arrival of her 16-year-old son Harrison who is looking for answers …

Dexter: New Blood, available December 16 on myCANAL.

1917 – Friday December 17

Sam Mendes’ last masterpiece 20 years after American Beauty, 1917 was unanimous when it came out in theaters. Winner of the Oscars for Best Cinematography, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Visual Effects, and Golden Globes for Best Director and Best Dramatic Film, the feature film is set during the First World War.

Through a staging giving the impression of one and the same sequence shot, we follow two British soldiers and Lance Corporals Schofield and Blake who receive a mission that seems impossible to them: to cross enemy lines to deliver a message .

1917, available from December 17 on myCANAL.

A Boy Named Christmas – New in theaters CANAL + PREMIERE – Monday, December 20

Adapted from the eponymous novel by Matt Haig released in 2015, A Boy Named Christmas is a real delight that will delight young and old during the holiday season. Directed by Gil Kenan, the first-ever theatrical feature immerses us in 18th century Finland, meeting Nikolas, an ordinary boy nicknamed “Christmas” since his earliest childhood.

In search of his father, he will succeed in bringing magic back to this world thanks to the stubborn reindeer Blitzen, and a little mouse, all while crossing the wonderful snowy landscapes of the Far North. An adventure that mixes magic, humor, and Christmas mythology, with a scintillating cast ranging from Kristen Wiig to Maggie Smith, including Henri Lawful, Jim Broadbent, Sally Hawkins and Toby Jones.

A Boy Named Christmas, available December 20 on myCANAL.


Petite Maman – already available

Those who want my death – already available

City of Lies – New in theaters CANAL + PREMIÈRE – Tuesday December 7

Sniper – Tuesday December 7

The Voyage of Dr Dolittle – Saturday December 10

Fast forward (too) fast – Sunday 12 December

Hunter Hunter – Tuesday 14 December

The Last Son – Tuesday 14 December

Department V Surveys: The Butterfly Effect – Unpublished in CANAL + PREMIERE cinemas – Wednesday December 15

Sixteen Spring – Thursday December 16

The Translators – Tuesday, December 21

Sons of Philadelphia – Tuesday, December 21

Last Christmas – Wednesday 22 December

Shorta – Tuesday 23 December

Godzilla VS Kong – Saturday 25 December

Text – Sunday December 26

Dirty Cops – Monday, December 27

Girls5Eva – Series – from Tuesday 28 December

A Golden Heist – Unpublished in CANAL + PREMIERE cinemas – Wednesday, December 29

Under Alice’s sky – Thursday, December 30

Cats – Saturday December 31st

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