The Resident season 4: a tornado hits the hospital in the trailer for the next episode

While TF1 is currently broadcasting season 3 of “The Resident”, American viewers will be entitled to a disaster episode next week since a tornado will hit the Chastain hospital in the rest of season 4.

Already severely shaken by the Covid epidemic at the start of the season and by the departure of a historic member of the team in the episode broadcast last night on the American channel Fox, the heroes of The Resident will have to face a unprecedented disaster in the sequel to season 4.

Entitled “After the Storm”, episode 11 of this fourth salvo, which will be broadcast next Tuesday across the Atlantic, will indeed see a tornado hit Altanta and head straight for Chastain Memorial Hospital. This will endanger Conrad (Matt Czuchry), Nic (Emily VanCamp), Kitt (Jane Leeves), the rest of the nursing staff, and all the patients present within the medical establishment. And will obviously cause damage which will not be without consequences if we are to believe the trailer that we suggest you discover in the player above.

According to the synopsis released by Fox, Nic and Conrad will have to deal with a paramedic in distress, while Devon (Manish Dayal) and Leela will find themselves stranded somewhere in the hospital with a man seriously injured in the head, resulting in will force them to operate with the few means at their disposal.

After Grey’s Anatomy, which has become a habit of catastrophic episodes for 17 seasons, Good Doctor, who went into the earthquake field in season 3, or 9-1-1, which each year offers a season premiere shock to his fans, so it’s The Resident’s turn to try this kind of intrigue.

But the medical series launched in 2018, and broadcast in France on TF1, being known for its ultra realistic approach (it portrays in particular without make-up the American health system, which it often scratches), there is no doubt that the result, and the consequences of this tornado on the hospital and the characters, will be far from the sensationalism of Grey’s Anatomy.

French viewers will however have to be patient before discovering this disastrous episode of The Resident since season 4 should not arrive on Warner TV before next fall. Then in 2022 on TF1 which currently offers season 3 every Wednesday at 9:05 p.m.

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