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Season 4 of “The Resident” starts tonight on TF1 with an episode not to be missed which features the wedding of Conrad and Nic. Long-awaited weddings which were complicated to shoot due to the Covid epidemic.

Marriage event tonight in The Resident on TF1. A year and a half after the broadcast of the finale of season 3, the hit medical series led by Matt Czuchry, Manish Dayal, Bruce Greenwood and Emily VanCamp returns to the air tonight with a fourth season rich in twists and turns that fans will not will not want to miss.

The first episode of this new batch, entitled “A wedding, a funeral” and broadcast from 9:10 p.m. this Wednesday, January 4, is one of the best episodes of The Resident since its launch in 2018.

Because it relates in a strong and poignant way the beginnings of the Covid-19 pandemic within Chastain Hospital in Atlanta. But also because it finally stages the nuptials of Conrad Hawkins (Matt Czuchry) and Nic Nevin (Emily VanCamp) after three years of ups and downs in their often complicated but always passionate relationship.

A nice gift for the fans which, however, was a headache to shoot for a fairly simple reason: season 4, whose production started in the fall of 2020, was filmed in full during the Covid epidemic. With the health measures and protocols that this includes.

The showrunner recounts the filming of season 4 in the midst of the Covid pandemic

Asked by TVLine about the filming of Conrad and Nic’s wedding, showrunner Peter Elkoff returned in detail to the necessarily very complicated production of season 4 due to the Covid.

“My god, everything was a real challenge, not just the wedding”he replied at the time of the American broadcast of the first episode of season 4 of The Resident, in January 2021 on the Fox channel.

“Television sets are generally good places to be. It’s very friendly, we can talk to each other when we’re in the canteen. But there, in season 4, it wasn’t not at all the case”explains the one who experienced the interruption of the filming of season 3 after only 20 episodes (instead of 23) at the start of the pandemic in March 2020.

“I wore two masks and a protective visor when I was on set, and most of the crew did.”continues Peter Elkoff at the microphone of TVLine. “The protocols put in place by Disney to ensure that the shoots were as safe as possible were very good. We had positive tests within the team, as on all shoots, but no one transmitted the Covid on our plateau. Our measures were effective. And no one was there without wearing a mask”.


An unforgettable moment… shot with the necessary sanitary measures.

Measures imposed on all American series as soon as filming resumes in the fall of 2020, but which do not always facilitate the intrigues. Especially at a wedding like Conrad and Nic’s, where there are hugs and kisses.

“Obviously there are sometimes kissing scenes”says the showrunner of The Resident. “But everyone was being tested beforehand and the actors wore masks until the camera started rolling. It was strange. We had fewer extras than usual, for example. And the actors were less close each other during sequences. There are quite a few conversations in this season where the characters talk to each other from one side of a hallway to the other (laughs)”.

The Covid has therefore not made things easier, and today continues to be taken very seriously on the filming of series. But he still did not spoil the party, and fans of The Resident should not remain unmoved by the wedding of the heroes of the series.


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