The Resident on TF1: did you know that the series was adapted from a book? – News Series on TV

The Resident on TF1: did you know that the series was adapted from a book?  – News Series on TV

Launched in the spring on TF1, and broadcast in the United States since 2018, the series “The Resident” focuses on the flaws in the American health system. A realistic vision inspired by an edifying essay, “Unaccountable”, written by Marty Makary.


Broadcast every Wednesday evening on TF1, The Resident follows the daily life of Devon Pravesh (Manish Dayal), a young medical intern who recently graduated from the Chastain Memorial Hospital team in Atlanta and discovered under the supervision of Doctor Conrad Hawkins (Matt Czuchry), brilliant and arrogant doctor, that the reality of the medical world is actually far from what he imagined.

Much less idealistic than Good Doctor or Grey’s Anatomy, the medical series also led by Emily VanCamp and Shaunette Renée Wilson stands out precisely by its very frontal and unvarnished approach to the American health system, of which it endeavors to denounce the flaws. Because, too often, questions of money, performance and prestige still come before the interests of patients. A realistic view of American hospitals which is explained by the fact that the medical series created by Amy Holden Jones, Hayley Schore, and Roshan Sethi is none other than the adaptation of an uplifting bestseller written by Marty Makary, a surgeon working at Josh Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, United States.

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The essay in question, entitled Unaccountable: What Hospitals Won’t Tell You and How Transparency Can Revolutionize Health Care (which could be translated as “Never held responsible: what hospitals don’t tell you and how transparency can revolutionize the health system”), points out what is wrong with the current health system and seeks to show how this system remains vague for patients, who often pay the price. And if Unaccountable has been talked about a lot since its release in 2012, it is also because it highlights the figure of Doctor HODAD (for “Hands of death and destruction”, or “the hands of death and destruction” in French ). A doctor that nobody would want to perform his operation and who, however, according to Makary, does exist in almost all hospitals. And who, you will understand, therefore inspired the writers of The Resident the character of Randolph Bell, played by Bruce Greenwood, who from the pilot of the series comes close to killing a patient because of his negligence and makes pass the treasury of the Chastain Memorial and his image as a renowned surgeon before his Hippocratic Oath.

Unlike many other series, The Resident is therefore not adapted from a literary work of fiction but is inspired by the observation made by Marty Makary in his book. And some of his ideas for making things better. But it should be noted thatUnaccountable only became a source of inspiration for screenwriter Amy Holden Jones in a second step since, before becoming a series for the Fox chain in 2018, the project that gave birth to The Resident was called The City and had been developed in 2016 for the Showtime cable channel based on an original idea by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, Equalizer). The series should then have told the story of a young doctor who discovers that the brilliant doctor who serves as her mentor in the hospital in which he has just arrived is in fact a formidable psychopath. But Showtime gave up commissioning the series and, after some modifications, it was finally under the title of The Resident that it arrived two years later on the air on Fox.

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