The Resident: Nic’s Fate Revealed, Emily VanCamp Explains The Reasons For Leaving …

The third episode of season 5 of “The Resident”, broadcast last night in the United States, finally revealed the fate reserved for Nic by the writers. A brutal end that accompanies Emily VanCamp’s decision to leave the medical series.

The Resident Nics Fate Revealed Emily VanCamp Explains The Reasons

Warning, this article contains spoilers on season 5 of The Resident, still unpublished in France! If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Since the announcement a few weeks ago of Emily VanCamp’s departure after four seasons, fans of The Resident have been wondering what way out the writers of the medical series were going to offer the character of Nic Nevin. And the answer was finally given to them last night, with the broadcast in the United States of episode 3 of season 5 on the Fox channel.

Entitled “The Long and Winding Road”, this pivotal episode of The Resident, inevitably upsetting, revealed that Nic had been the victim of a car accident. And despite attempts by Conrad (Matt Czuchry), Billie (Jessica Lucas), and all the staff at Chastain Hospital to save her, the nurse died of her injuries. Leaving her husband, Conrad, alone with their baby.

Emily VanCamp finally explains the reasons for her departure

This heartbreaking twist is sure to have dire consequences for the rest of Season 5 of The Resident. But it is explained by the desire, behind the scenes, of Emily VanCamp to focus on her family, after the birth of her first child last August, as she explained to the site. Deadline.

“I spent many years in television, but suddenly my priorities changed”, says Nic’s interpreter. “I think there comes a time in every woman’s life, and every person, where work becomes less essential than family, and that’s what happened to me while filming the show.”.

“Shoot so many episodes in a different city [de celle où l’on vit], and then add the Covid on top of that, it’s difficult, most of us didn’t see our families for a year. It really made me feel better that my family is what’s important to me right now “.

But Emily VanCamp has only positive things to say about The Resident and ensures that her departure is in no way motivated by tension or any dissatisfaction.

“I loved shooting The Resident for four years”, admits the actress notably known for her roles in Revenge, Brothers & Sisters, and the Marvel universe. “Sometimes you hear that a person left a show because something happened behind the scenes or because there was tension. In my case, it’s the exact opposite. only love and respect on set, and it wasn’t an easy decision to make. But I know it was the right one. “.

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Nic’s death was the only option for the writers

Asked by TVLine, showrunner Peter Elkoff explained that he learned last season that Emily VanCamp was pregnant and quickly understood that the authors were not going to be able to integrate her pregnancy into the series since Nic had just given birth to a baby in season 4. “We knew her life was changing, as were her priorities, and we discussed with her how best to proceed.”.

And while fans of The Resident are sure to have a hard time coming to terms with Nic’s death, it was not conceivable for the showrunner of the series to simply send the character to another hospital or another city.

“How could she have gone to another hospital without taking her child with her?”, continues Peter Elkoff. “If we had wanted to keep the character alive in this fictional universe, it would just have created immense problems of logic. It wouldn’t have made any sense. She was a dedicated mother and nurse. Why would she have left the hospital. hospital? Left Conrad? Abandoned his daughter? “.

So the idea was to maintain a narrative logic and strike a blow, which opened up some interesting perspectives for Conrad’s future. “Conrad who would become divorced and a part-time dad? That would have been sad. But Conrad as a single dad, raising his daughter on his own, is heartbreaking but also thrilling to watch.”.

It is therefore this new life as a single father that we will follow in the next episodes of The Resident. As for the episode which airs next Tuesday in the United States, it will see Conrad trying to figure out how such a car crash could have happened, when Nic was not drinking and the weather conditions were good. A new mystery for the heroes of The Resident?

In France, season 4 is currently broadcast every Tuesday on Warner TV.

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