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Still unpublished in France, season 4 of “The Resident” has a big surprise in store for fans of the Conrad-Nic couple since, episode 2, broadcast yesterday in the United States, launches a new major plot that will be accompanied by many twists and turns.

Launched in the United States on January 12, season 4 of The Resident is more than ever placed under the sign of change for the Conrad-Nic couple. After finally getting married in front of their loved ones during the season premiere, the characters played by Matt Czuchry and Emily VanCamp learned during episode 2, broadcast last night on the American channel Fox, that they would soon be parents since Nic is pregnant! A surprising intrigue, so soon after their union, which still has many twists in store for us and will take the doctor and the nurse at Chastain hospital to “unexpected territories” in the sequel to the fourth season according to Peter Elkoff, co-showrunner of The Resident.

“We had a lot of time to prepare for the season since the start date of filming has continued to be postponed due to the pandemic”, explains Peter Elkoff to TVLine. “And we went further into plot planning than usual. The decision to get her pregnant in Episode 2 – besides giving audiences a good reason to cheer – allowed us to launch a plot that was going to run throughout the season. This pregnancy is going to come with a fair amount of drama, and that’s one of the major storytelling elements for Nic and Conrad this season. “. Because if the showrunner of the medical series assures that the couple are more in love than ever, the fear of seeing the worst happen again will never be far away for Nic who has already had a miscarriage at the beginning of their relationship. “When you lose a baby, you tell yourself that it can happen again. So how are they going to deal with this fear?”.

The love story between Nic and Conrad, as well as the way in which they combine their new married life with their work in the hospital, will therefore be at the center of the next episodes of season 4. And according to the producer. Delegate Andrew Chapman, fans of The Resident can already expect an event episode in a few weeks, which could well pose a first threat to Nic and the baby she is carrying. “Our intention this season was to show what a solid marriage looks like, especially when [le couple en question] is always heroic and saves lives “, Chapman tells Entertainment Weekly. “But, at the same time, we wanted to offer the viewers something else. We wanted to take that relationship further, and the next most obvious step was for them to be expecting a baby. We’re going to show the whole pregnancy, but, I warn you, things are going to get completely crazy around episode 5. It won’t have anything to do with the Covid, but be aware that episode 5 should nail you, in a good way. It’s intense, and I know the fans might scream “. That is what has been said and which is not very reassuring …

The new season 4 of The Resident should be offered in the course of 2021 in France on Warner TV. Then in a second step on TF1, which has not yet broadcast season 3 on its antenna.

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