The Resident: after the departure of Emily VanCamp, an unexpected new twist shakes up the …

Currently airing in the United States on the Fox channel, but still unseen in France, season 5 of “The Resident” surprised everyone yesterday by staging a three-year time jump that promises to shake up the medical series .

The resident: after the departure of emily vancamp, an unexpected new twist shakes up the...

Warning, this article contains spoilers on season 5 of The Resident, still unpublished in France. If you don’t want to know anything, don’t read on!

Fans of The Resident will long remember Season 5, which is currently airing in the United States on Fox. Already marked by the departure of Emily VanCamp, one of the central figures of the story, whose character has known an upsetting fate, the successful medical series has just surprised everyone with a twist that no one had seen to come !

At the very end of episode 5 of this unprecedented fifth batch, proposed last night across the Atlantic, viewers have indeed witnessed a three-year time jump, revealed during a final sequence where Conrad (Matt Czuchry ) finds his daughter Gigi, who is no longer a baby but a little girl of a few years dressed as an astronaut for Halloween.

In an interview with TVLine, Peter Elkoff, one of the showrunners of The Resident, returned to this leap in time which promises to change a lot of things for the series and in particular explained the reasons for such an upheaval in the script.

“For Conrad, who lost the love of his life and the mother of her nine-month-old baby, grief is bound to take a long time. You don’t instantly recover from such a loss.”, explains Peter Elkoff. “We figured telling this in real time was going to be too dark for the show. We didn’t want to present a Conrad stunned by his pain and grief for an entire season. It was the case for two episodes, and we did. then decided to move on. Nic is still on everyone’s mind and heart, but now Conrad is once again a happy person, following the course of his life and raising his daughter “.

The idea for the writers of The Resident was to shake things up after several years on the air, without making too big changes that could disrupt the DNA of the series.

“We wanted to change things to make it exciting for the audience”, continues The Resident showrunner. “This is our fifth year, and it’s always positive to shake up the established order after four, five, or six seasons of a series that has such a loyal following. We want to give them something new, without too much. disorient them for as much “.

The resident: after the departure of emily vancamp, an unexpected new twist shakes up the...

But if The Resident remains The Resident, fans of the series, broadcast in France on Warner TV and TF1, can still expect many new features in the rest of season 5, as promised by Peter Elkoff in microphone from TVLine.

“There are new romantic relationships. Kit and Bell are now a couple, which should please the audience as everyone loves this duo, even as just friends. The roles have changed at the hospital. of our most important characters no longer do what they used to do. There are some very unexpected changes to be expected. “.

Among which the arrival of two new characters who will appear in the next episodes, which will be broadcast on Fox from November 2. “During episode 6, a new character arrives and will really surprise viewers in a brilliant way. And there will be the arrival in episode 7 of another character who will totally shake up the hospital”.

And one of these two new protagonists could well be Cade, played by Kaley Ronayne (Gotham), who according to TVLine is still an ugentist doctor who will soon enter the universe of The Resident. And who will have “an important presence in the second half of the season” and will allow screenwriters to propose a new “arc thriller” spanning several episodes, which will notably have to do with the past “mysterious” of this newcomer.

In France, season 4 of The Resident is currently offered exclusively on Warner TV every Tuesday evening. Before a very likely broadcast on TF1 during the first half of 2022.

The Resident Season 5 teaser:

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