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After the departure of Mina last week, fans of “The Resident” will attend this evening on TF1 the last appearance of another central character of the series in the finale of season 4. A “discreet” farewell, barely mentioned on the screen.

The departures follow each other and are not alike in The Resident.

Last week, TF1 viewers witnessed the farewell of doctor Mina Okafor who, despite her feelings for AJ (Malcolm-Jamal Warner), was forced to leave Atlanta and return to live in Nigeria, her native country.

An unexpected script development which was the consequence of actress Shaunette Renee Wilson’s desire to turn the page on The Resident in order to devote herself to other projects, after four seasons spent in the skin of Mina.

But while TF1 is broadcasting the last three episodes of season 4 of the medical series tonight led by Matt Czuchry and Emily VanCamp, the bleeding of characters is not over on the Chastain hospital side.

Doctor Cain makes his final appearance tonight

Present in the series since season 3, Morris Chestnut (Nurse Jackie, Rosewood), the interpreter of Barrett Cain also left The Resident at the end of season 4. But in a much more discreet way than his partner Shaunette Renee Wilson.

Indeed, nothing in the season 4 finale, broadcast this Wednesday, February 8 at 10:50 p.m. on TF1, really says that Doctor Cain will not return. Even if he suggests in the course of a discussion that he could be tempted to go to work at Johns Hopkins, another hospital which obviously pays more.

And it will actually be necessary to wait for the start of season 5, which will be offered next Wednesday on the front page, to learn that Barrett Cain has indeed left to work in this competing establishment.

Guy D’Alema/FOX

Initially, the production of The Resident had declared that Morris Chestnut would simply be less present in the series from season 5 because the actor was engaged, in parallel, on a new series, Our Kind of People, which had priority over to the medical series in terms of contract.

But, ultimately, Morris Chestnut never reappeared in The Resident afterward. While Our Kind of People was canceled in 2012 after only 12 episodes and Cain could very well have returned to Chastain at the end of season 5 or during season 6, which has just ended across the Atlantic.

To attend the last appearance of Barrett Cain, go tonight on TF1 from 9:10 p.m.


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