The reported piece: what is this whimsical comedy with Anaïs Demoustier, Katerine and …

The reported piece: what is this whimsical comedy with anaïs demoustier, katerine and...

After “The Girl of July 14” and “The Law of the Jungle”, here is “The reported piece”, a new whimsical comedy by Antonin Peretjatko, in theaters this Wednesday. Anaïs Demoustier, Philippe Katerine, Josiane Balasko and William Lebghil are in the casting.

What is it about ?

Paul Château-Têtard, a 45-year-old boy and pure product of the 16th arrondissement of Paris, takes the metro for the first time in his life and falls in love with a young teller, Ava.

Their marriage is not to the taste of “mother”, Adélaïde Château-Têtard, who is also called the Queen Mother. Yet the latter accommodates itself: an heir would be welcome. But the baby is slow to come …

A merciless war begins between the two women, the Queen Mother being convinced that Ava is cheating on her son. There must be a lover somewhere …

La Piece Reportée, directed and written by Antonin Peretjatko, with Anaïs Demoustier, Josiane Balasko, Philippe Katerine, William Lebghil … Cinema release on December 1, 2021

A burlesque and elegant signature

There are directors whose – in just a few films – we immediately recognize the “paw” or the signature. This is the case ofAntonin Peretjatko who before The patch, unveiled a handful of short films and two offbeat, burlesque and elegant comedies: La Fille du 14 Juillet (2013), then La Loi de la jungle (2016).

We find this immediately recognizable universe in La Piece Reportée, with its deliciously retro charm and quirky humor. The filmmaker was inspired by a short story by Noëlle Renaude for this third feature film.

What immediately appealed to me about this short story was the relentless mechanics of the script, which is characteristic of vaudeville. The second reason is that the news spoke of the class relation, more precisely of the mixture of social classes. I modernized the story by adapting it to the current context, I deployed the accordion by adding characters and situations …“, indicates Antonin Peretjatko to explain the starting point of the film.

Thought of as an “exquisite corpse”

One of the curiosities of this Patch is its construction “like a puzzle“or as a”Exquisite Corpse“as the actors of the film at AlloCiné sums it up with mischief.”The film is a mixture, like an exquisite corpse of very pretty images, of a young girl who locks herself in a double bass case and a dog who eats vomit! It’s a mix of everything and it works well!

And to add: “There are very distinctive characters. Anaïs Demoustier brings a touch of color and sun that will light up the characters“.

From yellow vests to the theory of runoff, through the abolition of the ISF and the tent camp north of Paris, La Piece reported includes many references to current events. “As it is a film about social classes and the ultra-rich disconnected from reality, I could not see myself ignoring this reality.“, he emphasizes.

The film also makes the choice of an omniscient narrator who will guide the narrative. “She has a very playful side, she can play with codes only with her phrasing, take sides thanks to the choice of words, etc.“, he follows Antonin Peretjatko, director and screenwriter.

An inventive, zany and poetic film, even more elegant than his first films, and benefiting from a 5-star cast, notably with Josiane Balasko, Katerine and Anaïs Demoustier whose universes blend perfectly.

The comedy is showing this December 1st. It received the Cannes 2020 Label, and was notably presented at the Angoulême Francophone Film Festival that same year.

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