The Queer Tattoo Scene of Berlin

Berlin is known as the LGBTQIA + capital of the world, with its reputation 100 years ago. The city welcomes all types of people, making it the perfect place for otherwise marginalized groups to feel not only at home, but also celebrated and – why not? – Ordinary. Its nightlife is renowned for being open to all kinds of experimentation.

In the evenings 24h +, people from all backgrounds express themselves freely and widely. Everyone can exist, take up space and move as they feel comfortable.

What is perhaps not so widely known is that tattoos are also a fundamental part of queer expression in Berlin. The city’s open-mindedness, added to a vibrant and diverse international community, has proven to be perfect for a prolific queer tattoo scene to thrive.

Many studios that want to be safe spaces (r) have opened across the city, allowing artists from all over the world to settle here and develop their own styles. The scene has grown exponentially over the past 5 years and in 2019 the very first tattoo event featuring only queer talent took place in the city.

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