The Quarry on myCANAL: 5 memorable roles of Shea Whigham, essential supporting role in American cinema

On the poster for the film “The Quarry” on myCANAL, Shea Whigam has established himself over the years as an essential supporting role in American cinema. Here are her five most memorable roles!

The quarry on mycanal: 5 memorable roles of shea whigham, essential supporting role in american cinema

His name may be unknown to you, but his face must ring a bell. Eternal second knife of cinema and television, Shea Whigham is a real “mouth” on the other side of the Atlantic, which has notably enabled him to work alongside legendary directors such as Martin Scorsese, Oliver Stone, Terence Malick and David O. Russell.

The release of his new film The Quarry, available on the myCANAL platform, is an opportunity to immerse ourselves in some of his most memorable roles!

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Boardwalk Empire

In the Boardwalk Empire series, Shea Whigham plays Eli Thompson, younger brother of the Atlantic City underworld godfather played by Steve Buscemi. Sheriff of Atlantic County, he will gradually be won over by corruption, a descent into hell that will lead to his dismissal from the police.

Memorable for his physical presence and the intensity of his performance, Shea Whigham will find the duo Martin scorsese / Terence Winter on the occasion of the filming of The Wolf of Wall Street for a short (but memorable) sequence: he is the captain of the yacht owned by Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio)!

Fast and Furious 4 and 6

Of course, Shea Whigham never joined the heroes of the Fast & Furious saga. However, his performance as Michael Stasiak, a federal agent who collaborated with Brian O’Conner (Paul Walker) in his former life, is certainly remembered by fans of the saga.

Introduced in the fourth installment, he makes an equally noticeable comeback in the sixth installment to help his former partner escape prison.


An adaptation of a successful podcast, Homecoming marked Julia Roberts’ first appearance as headliner in a television series. Far from his usual image of tough guy, Shea Whigham plays in the first season of the anthology a certain Thomas Carrasco, a binocular bureaucrat assigned to the archives of the Department of Defense of the United States.

Counter-employment for this “character actor” (name given to actors specializing in types of roles: cowboy, policeman, gangster …), his role in Homecoming is also the one who will have brought him the most notority with the critics: he was notably nominated by the Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards as Best Supporting Actor in 2019!


In Todd Philipps’ film, Shea Whigham – whose career swings between cops and criminals – plays the detective tasked with solving the crimes committed by Arthur Fleck in the Gotham City subway.

A secondary role although essential to the plot, he is the trigger for the riots in Gotham, after having unwittingly killed one of the supporters of the future Joker. The character is left to us for dead at the end of the film, after being beaten up by the crowd of protesters.

The Quarry

The Quarry sees Shea Whigham land one of his very first movie roles. In the skin of David Martin, a false priest crisscrossing the roads of Texas, the 52-year-old actor demonstrates his abilities to carry the weight of a feature film on his shoulders alone.

In a more secondary role, we also find Michael Shannon, his playmate in the series Boardwalk Empire (see above) and Waco.

The trailer for the movie The Quarry, available exclusively on myCANAL:

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