The Pursuit of Love on Prime Video: what is this delicate English series with Lily James?

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Available from September 1 on Prime Video, The Pursuit of Love is a romantic 3-part series that follows the tribulations of a young woman (Lily James) in search of love.

The pursuit of love on prime video: what is this delicate english series with lily james?

What is it about ?

Between the First World War and the Second, the love affairs of Linda Radlett. The eldest of a rich English family, according to her encounters, she will experience the social and political upheavals of the first half of the 20th century.

In pursuit of love

The Pursuit of Love is based on the apprenticeship novel of the same name published by Nancy Mitford in 1945. Presented as a caustic portrait of the English interwar aristocracy, it met with enormous success upon its release, immediately followed by two suites. Emily Mortimer (The Newsroom) is writing and directing this adaptation. To play the romantic Linda and her cousin Fanny, she called on the bankable Lily James and Emily Beecham.

The Pursuit of love is a typical BBC product: a historical romance, carried by an English humor that can be found in particular in the jokes of its main heroine. James plays a young aristocrat who thirsts to discover the world. She lives as a recluse in her family home and her father refuses her any education, considering that women who have knowledge are dangerous.

When she can finally emancipate herself, she will discover society, meet new people, fall in love again and again and evolve in a fragile world which will again fall into war. On her way, she will meet plethora of characters, some of whom are played by Andrew Scott, Dominic West, Dolly Wells as well as the Franco-Moroccan actor Assaad Bouab.

If vintage British series appeal to you and musical anachronisms don’t bother you, then The Pursuit of Love is waiting for you on Prime Video. And with its short format – 3 episodes of only 60 minutes – it bingewatches very easily.

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