The prodigious friend: will there be a season 3?

The prodigious friend: will there be a season 3?

While season 2 of “The prodigious friend” ends tonight on France 2, the series has already been renewed for a third season. Find out what will await the heroines in this new burst of episodes.

This Wednesday evening ends on France 2 the broadcast of season 2 of The prodigious friend, the series adapted from the literary saga of Elena Ferrante. Each season of the series adapts one of the volumes of the novel, in order to offer an adaptation as faithful as possible to the original work, the ambition from the launch therefore being to offer 4 seasons of 8 episodes.

If the audiences of the Italian series left little doubt as to its renewal, HBO and Rai confirmed in April 2020 the return of The Prodigious Friend for a third season.

However, we will have to take our troubles patiently before discovering these new episodes since filming, which began in November 2020 before stopping a few months later because of the Coronavirus epidemic, only resumed last july. Season 3 should therefore not arrive on our screens before 2022.

This new burst of episodes will adapt the novel “The one that flees and the one that remains”, Which follows the two protagonists through the 1970s, as feminist and protest movements are organized. The two young women, now adults, will experience a period of great upheaval.

Elena will have to manage her new celebrity acquired thanks to the publication of her first novel, and all that with it, in particular the expectations around a new book.

Engaged to Pietro, her romantic relationship will be complicated by her reunion with Nino. For her part, Lila, who now works in a cured meats factory and lives in a rather poorly frequented district of Naples, will try to find happiness with Enzo.

Regarding the casting, even if the young women are now adults, the production has chosen to keep Gaia Girace and Margherita Mazzucco, who have been camping the two young women since the middle of season 1.

Daniele Luchetti, director of season 3, explained this bold choice in an interview with Variety : “We have chosen to keep the same cast. First of all, it was important to keep the same characteristics [physiques]. [Les actrices ont] also grown up. There is a visible maturity in their expressions, in their attitudes. We see them growing up live on screen.

See you in 2022 to discover season 3 of The prodigious friend.

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