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On Netflix since December 1, The Power of the Dog intrigues, in particular its mysterious end. Explanations.

Attention, this article reveals the end of The Power of the Dog. If you haven’t seen Jane Campion’s movie, skip this article.

The Power of the Dog is already establishing itself as a major film, a study of characters that can be eaten like a slow-burner, in other words a slow-burning film. But the whole issue of the film lies in the last 15 minutes. This western which turns into a family drama suddenly becomes a real thriller. Because the end of The Power of the Dog is accompanied by a plot that leaves the public in shock.

The story is based on the 1967 novel of the same name by Thomas Savage. The American novelist was gay – but not openly at the time – and based parts of the plot and its characters on his own experience as a teenager growing up on a Montana ranch.

The ending of The Power of the Dog is as dark as it is shocking, and Jane Campion, who both directed and wrote the screenplay based on Savage’s novel, doesn’t explain exactly what’s going on. Some key details may therefore appear cryptic.

Summary of the plot

Phil (Benedict Cumberbatch) and George Burbank (Jesse Plemons) are wealthy ranchers in Montana in 1925. One day their work takes them and their team to an inn owned by Rose Gordon (Kirsten Dunst) , a sweet-mannered widow. George immediately falls in love with Rose and tries to catch up with his brother’s boorish behavior – who openly made fun of Rose’s son Peter (Kodi Smit-McPhee) – by helping him in the kitchen.

George and Rose fall in love and get married. Immediately, Rose and her son leave the inn to come and live on the ranch. Phil, feeling abandoned by his brother, is particularly cruel to Rose at the slightest opportunity to the point of sinking into alcohol. When Peter returns for the summer – when he was away to study medicine – Rose is an alcoholic.

One day, Peter discovers Phil’s hiding place near the river. Under the stump of a tree, he hides photos of naked men. At the same time, Peter catches Phil bathing naked with a handkerchief that once belonged to Bronco Henry. The latter was the mentor of Phil who never ceases to praise him. Phil realizes that he is being spied on by Peter and chases him away, but after this incident, Phil and Peter form a strange friendship, much to Rose’s dismay.

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Phil begins to make a rope for Peter by braiding rawhide and teaches the young man to ride a horse. During one of these lessons, Peter casually asks how some calves die. “Is it by wolves?He asks? Phil says yes, sometimes wolves kill calves, and sometimes calves die of anthrax, an infectious disease.

Peter, armed with this knowledge, sets off solo in the mountains where he finds a calf dead of this disease. Wearing protective gloves, he carefully cuts the skin of the diseased calf. Phil later takes Peter on horseback to repair a fence. While he is having fun terrorizing a poor little bunny, Phil cuts his hand deeply. And this information is essential for the future!

Jane Campion signs her greatest film?

Rose’s alcoholism continues to worsen. One afternoon when she was still under the influence of alcohol, she learned that Phil was considering burning his surplus leather hides rather than selling them to the local American Indians. She then decides, as a sign of defiance, to exchange them with the chief of the tribe for a pair of gloves. When Phil realizes that all of his skins are gone, he is enraged. Especially since he no longer has enough skin to finish Peter’s rope.

Peter takes the opportunity to give Phil the rawhide he collected from his solo ride. When Phil asks why Peter owns this leather, the young man replies that he cuts it because he wants to look like him. Overwhelmed by Peter’s kindness, Phil promises to work through the night to finish the rope.

Phil begins by washing the rawhide that Peter provided him with his wound still open, unaware that it comes from a sick cow …


This ending that needs to be decrypted

The next morning, Phil doesn’t come down for breakfast. George finds him in his bed, sweaty and feverish. The wound on his hand is clearly infected. George decides to take his brother to the doctor, but Phil doesn’t want to leave until he finds Peter and gives him his rope. He stumbles with the rope in hand, before finally letting George lead him into the car. Meanwhile, Peter watches them leave from his window.

In the next scene, Phil is dead and George chooses his coffin. At the funeral, Rose shares a lovely moment with her mother-in-law – when the first meeting did not go well – and George invites his parents to come for Christmas, which means that the whole family will now be able to live in peace. , now that Phil is gone.

“An Examination of Toxic Masculinity” According to Benedict Cumberbatch

The medical examiner tells George he thinks Phil died of anthrax poisoning, the other name given to anthrax. This information surprises George, because he knew that his brother still refused to touch sick animals.

Peter does not attend Phil’s funeral. Instead, he finds a Bible at home and reads a verse from it. Psalm 22:20: “Protect my soul from the sword. And my treasure, against the power of the dogThen he tucks Phil’s rope under his bed, while handling it with gloves. From his window, he watches Rose, now sober, come back with George from the funeral. He smiles when he sees them share a kiss, and leave. from this smile, we understand that Peter is responsible for Phil’s death.


What does this ending mean?

Anyone can interpret the ending however they want, but everything suggests that Peter saw what Phil was doing to his mother. And he knew she would never stop drinking as long as Phil was there to torment her. Once he realized Phil was gay, he deliberately used this information to get closer to him.

Perhaps he had always intended to slip the skin of the sick calf into Phil’s stash for the rope he was making for it. But when his mother donated all the skins, he saw it as the perfect opportunity to bring about Phil’s death by infecting him through his open wound with the skin he cut off. The approach is diabolical and shows that all of Phil’s preconceptions of Peter – that he is a weak boy because he is not manly enough in his eyes – were unfounded.

From Peter’s point of view, you had to murder Phil to save his mother!

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