The PlayStation 5 costs $499, just like the Xbox Series X

The PlayStation 5 costs $499, just like the Xbox Series X

It costs $ 499 to put her head on his head and rival, Microsoft’s Xbox series 10, of which $ 499 for it.

And released in November 12 PS5 in the United States, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. For other countries, it’s known in coming out on November 19, Sony’s China lorem date also said that “in exploration.”

Title 10 on the Xbox 360 on November 10 from coming into the market for two full days PS5. Microsoft is also selling for $ 299 cheaper than the S Series.

Carolina Milanesi, a tech research firm Creative Strategies analyst at the difference in rival devices, and release the sales will be much different.

“I think there is enough people to put them in the camp. Most of the people from upgrading existing console,” he says. “It feels like a PC or a smartphone market. Either you have an iPhone or Android user.”

Sony has a “digital” in PS5, which does away with the console’s disc drive shaves $ 399 and $ 100 off the price of the same.

Design-wise, and to encourage white and black shiny PS5 is elegant. It is tall and thinner than it is in the middle of the Xbox N. Edition remote control ($ 30), a camera ($ 60) and developers ($ 100) and offered as accessories. Sony has opened up pre-orders can apply for customers who choose to invite along on its site.

Travel Analysis games research director Warren Harding, Peter predicts the books Outsell Sony and Microsoft are again until the end of 2024 67 million PS5 consoles sold by Title 10, and compared with the estimated 44 million from the previous estimate of sales are based on data and taking Sony and Microsoft and marketing strategies into account.

Sony is counting on a big exclusive games to attract fans to the new generation of console gaming, with Microsoft’s Xbox games Game affordability of appeal is an appeal of a monthly subscription to provide access to the loads. The game is called the first month is $ 1 to $ 5-15 per month and then, depending on the plan.

On Wednesday, Sony teased the new upcoming games, including the following 2018’s Game of the Year 2021 “War” and the new “Final Fantasy 4, which has generated a buzz on social media.

“No one has fallen into the same war victory dance on the PS4 generation,” Harding wrote a book, for analysis.

As we get closer to November, the competition between the two companies is heating up.

Sony PlayStation For, it is the service of the day of the signing of Mercury Books revealed to them, by means of which one draws near to the blockbuster hits of the years: The game is a and was called but they could not compete with the Xbox what it sounds like. The service will be available in the PlayStation Plus subscribers to contribute nothing to the price. The subscription charges $ 9.99 for one month, 3 for $ 25 or $ 60 for 12 months.

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