The Old Furnaces 2: do you have to have seen the first film? – Cinema news

This Wednesday is released in theaters “Les Vieux fourneaux 2: bons pour l’asile”, the second adventure of the committed grandpas who had already known glory in 2018 with a first part. But is it necessary to have seen it to appreciate the new?

What is it about ?

To come to the aid of migrants he was hiding in Paris, Pierrot takes them to the South-West to Antoine, who himself is already welcoming Mimile, in the midst of reconquering love for Berthe. Expecting to find calm and voluptuousness in the countryside, the six refugees will taste above all the legendary hospitality of a French village.

The perfect opportunity to shake up fears and prejudices for Sophie and our three Old Furnaces, promoted unexpected consultants of an electoral campaign that Larquebuse, the mayor of Montcoeur is not about to forget.

Do you have to have seen the first film?

If you missed The Old Furnaces in 2018 or that you don’t know the comic strip it is inspired by, don’t worry! If Antoine, Emile and Pierrot keep their personalities from the first part, Old Furnaces 2: Good for Asylum is quite accessible. The feature film offers from its first scenes moments that immediately characterize the characters for the new audience.

The return of the old scoundrels

Pierre-Richard and Eddy Mitchell return to their respective roles of Pierrot and Emile. For those familiar with the first opus, Antoine, the third member of the trio, has changed his face, Bernard LeCoq substitute Roland Giraud. We also find Berthe and her strong character, played by Myriam Boyer and of course Alice Polin the role of Sophie, Antoine’s granddaughter.

The old furnaces 2: do you have to have seen the first film? - cinema news
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Also note the presence of Jean Sarrusformer member of charlotswho had not appeared on the big screen since A great cry of love in 1997.

Inspired by an album… with a lot of freedom

Christophe Duthuron is back directing this comedy written like the previous one by Wilfrid Lupano, author of the original comic. The plot is inspired by the fifth album to better move away from it and almost invent a whole new adventure for these three “Old furnaces”.

“I thought it would be nicer for them if this second movie didn’t completely pick up what [que le public] had read in the fifth album from which it is inspired”says Lupano in the press kit, “that it had to surprise them and bring them something new. So I kept the theme and the spirit of this Vieux Fourneaux n°5, but I took liberties with its story. Among other things , I located it in the Southwest and I invented a couple of things.”

The old furnaces 2: do you have to have seen the first film? - cinema news
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Alice Pol

But why did you absolutely insist on making a second opus? “The first film was a good memory for everyone”comments Christophe Duthuron, “and when it came to shooting a second part, the producers came to offer it to me. It took a little time because we absolutely wanted, the actors and me, to work again on a screenplay of the author of the comic, Wilfrid Lupano, who has a busy news.”

The old furnaces 2: do you have to have seen the first film? - cinema news
Apollo Movies

Bernard Le Coq and in the background, Eddy Mitchell

Bernard Le Coq quickly acclimatized after having dinner with Pierre Richard and Eddy Mitchell in order to get to know each other. Interested in the starting subject of the film, he was enchanted by the shooting with a team he was discovering:

“Frankly, I had never before played a scenario of such gaiety, such punch, such humor, with the aim of making it understood that no, “the other”, “the foreigner “, is neither a danger for the native, nor even less an enemy.”

Old Furnaces 2: Good for Asylum is in theaters now.

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