The Mysteries of Love: “I’m not a dog” Manuela Lopez explains the reasons for her departure

The Mysteries of Love: “I’m not a dog” … Manuela Lopez explains the reasons for her departure

Manuela Lopez, who left “The mysteries of love” a few months ago, came back uncompromisingly on the reasons for her hasty departure.

The mysteries of love
The mysteries of love – christophe aubert via bestimage

At the beginning of 2019, Manuela Lopez made a remarkable arrival in The Mysteries of Love, where she found Hélène Rollès and her band almost 25 years after the judgment of Hélène and the boys. For the occasion, she slipped once again into the skin of Adeline “Manuela” Roquier, Christian’s cousin.

But last January, the actress announced on social networks her departure from the cult series. If at the time she explained her decision by her desire to devote herself to other projects, left in suspense following her arrival in The Mysteries of Love, she has this Tuesday, July 27 at the microphone of the Belgian newspaper South info made new confidences. And she did not mince her words, especially against the producer Jean-Luc Azoulay.

Following a question about her experience in the band of Helena and the Boys, Manuela Lopez explained the reasons for her surprise departure from the series: “It was offered to me several times and when they called back I told myself that I was going to do it because I was happy to see my friends again.

But at one point when I saw the meaning of the stories, my role of rebel who had become a kind of easy girl, the production, the work … Overnight, I said to Jean-Luc Azoulay ( the historical producer, Editor’s note): “Are you kidding me?” I had to tour with my horse, on my motorbike, make a new album, lots of things, and in the end, none of that, he screwed my face. ”

Despite everything, the actress, who has been fighting for several years against a serious and incurable disease, made it clear that she was not at odds with the producer: “But beware, Jean-Luc brought me a lot.

It is thanks to him that I lived for a big part of my life, I will not spit in the soup. But when things don’t work, they don’t. I do not depend on anyone, I am autonomous… I do not like false promises, I am not a dog, I make myself respected!

The chances that Manuela Lopez will return in The Mysteries of Love are now very slim …

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