The Mysteries of Love: Etienne (David Proux) will make his comeback 30 years after Hélène and the boys - news series on tv

The Mysteries of Love: Etienne (David Proux) will make his comeback 30 years after Hélène and the boys – news series on tv

Good news for fans of the “Mysteries of love”: David Proux, the interpreter of Etienne in “Helene and the boys”, will resume his character in the series of TMC almost 30 years after his departure from the soap opera. cult origin.

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The original group of boys will soon reform in full around Hélène Rollès! After Cathy Andrieu and Manuela Lopez, who respectively made their comeback in The Mysteries of Love in 2015 and 2018, another iconic character will land in the TMC series in the coming weeks. And thus find Nicolas, José, and Christian.

David Proux, the interpreter of Etienne, will indeed resume his role in the continuation of Hélène and the boys, of the Miracle of love, and of the Holidays of love. And this almost 30 years after saying goodbye to the character.

This return is therefore a real event since David Proux, present at the launch of Helene and the Boys on May 11, 1992 in the role of Cathy’s boyfriend, had left the series after only 67 episodes (out of 280 produced in total between 1992 and 1994).

Three decades after his character left for Finland, where Etienne had become an international model, David Proux reunited with his former playmates this week on the set of Mysteries of Love, as evidenced by a photo posted yesterday by the actor. on social networks.

The interpreter of Etienne thus found with happiness Patrick Puydebat (Nicolas), Laly Meignan (Laly), Philippe Vasseur (José), Isabelle Bouysse (Jeanne), and Cathy Andrieu (Cathy), his ex-companion in the city – and in the series.

Fans of the Hélène and the boys franchise, headed by Jean-Luc Azoulay since its beginnings, will finally be able to discover what Etienne has become and what he has experienced during all these years spent away from his friends from college.

According to information from Télé Loisirs, the character of David Proux is today a recognized psychologist. We do not yet know under what circumstances he will make his arrival in the universe of the Mysteries of love. But the faithful of the series certainly hope for a possible rapprochement with Cathy, who is currently going through a complicated period with José.

Etienne will make his first screen appearance in May. Which should coincide with the end of season 25 of the Mysteries of Love. A season broadcast every weekend on TMC since February and that the most impatient can find in advance on the Salto platform.

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