The mountain of secrets on Arte: what is this social thriller worth on a group of teenagers in…

Arte is broadcasting the first episodes of “La montagne aux secrets” this evening, a breathtaking thriller about a group of young people in reintegration who must organize themselves to survive independently after a tragedy that has occurred in the forest.

What is it about ?

Caught up by justice, a dozen German teenagers on the loose, from all walks of life, join a pilot program for reintegration into the great outdoors, an innovative alternative to incarceration. Kim, Ron, Jessica, Can and the others will have to spend eight weeks in the Alto Adige Alps, independently and without contact with the outside world, under the supervision of a team of guides and social workers led by the dynamic Rebecca.

If the young people are not bad buggers, the beginnings of the mission prove to be complicated, between the provocations of some, the mistrust, violence or the taciturn character of others. But while the small team has set up its first camp for the night, a tragedy turns the project into a nightmare.

Now fugitives, the young people left to fend for themselves will have to organize themselves to survive. While research teams criss-cross the mountain, Lars Sellien, psychologist behind the experiment and Rebecca’s companion, decides to embark on his own investigation: he then discovers that adolescents are in danger much more terrible than they don’t think so…

Season 1 is broadcast from Thursday May 26 at 8:55 p.m. on Arte. The episodes are already available in full on until July 8.

Episodes seen: 2/8

Who is it with?

Created by Arne Nolting, Jan Martin Scharf and Klaus Wolfertstetterwho previously worked on the Netflix series Barbarians, The mountain of secrets is carried by a group of young German actors whose faces you may be familiar with.

Aaron Altaraswhom you may have seen in the role of Robert in Unorthodoxhere slips into the skin of Can, the disturbing element of the program. Merlin Pink and Franz Hartwigwhich respectively camp Ron, a teenager in distress, and Lars Sellien, the psychologist at the origin of the program, both appeared in Das Boot and Dark.

The interpreter of young Kim, Emma Drugovahas played in the German series Tatort as well as in A case for two. Verena Altenberger (M the Cursed), Maria Dragus (Mary Stuart: Queen of Scots), Anand Batbileg Chuluunbaatar and Rouven David Israel (Tatort) complete the cast.

Well worth a look ?

When a group of teenagers on the loose and in search of redemption participate in an experimental social reintegration program taking place in the middle of nature, we suspect that nothing will go as planned.

The suspicious death of one of the supervisors drags them into a destructive spiral from which they will not emerge unscathed. Who is responsible for the murder? How are they going to get out of this? And above all, what did the teenagers do to find themselves in this program? It is to all these questions that La Montagne aux secrets will try to answer.

While the drama series’ opening synopsis is reminiscent of Yellowjackets (which follows a group of teenage girls lost in the forest following a plane crash), or the famous novel His Majesty of the Flies by William Golding, which has been the subject of a plethora of adaptations on the small screen, La montagne aux secrets manages to stand out thanks to its singular narration.

The mountain of secrets on arte: what is this social thriller worth on a group of teenagers in...
Luis Zeno Kuhn

Each episode focuses on a member of the fugitive group and allows us to learn more about him, and especially what brought him to this pilot program. If the comings and goings between past and present are sometimes destabilizing, particularly in the first episode, we quickly get used to this rhythm which, although very classic, still allows us to offer a good dose of mystery.

The talent of the young actors who make up the cast of this thriller is also not to be outdone. If they are little known in France, they all already have a very good career behind them in their country of origin and manage without difficulty to bring these complex characters to life. Emma Drogunova and Merlin Rose, who play Kim and Ron respectively, steal the show and are a duo that works wonders.

In short, The Mountain of Secrets is an effective and addictive thriller based on well-constructed characters and which very quickly manages to captivate us thanks to the various mysteries distilled over the episodes.

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