“The most different of all Marvel films”: US critics excited about the originality of …

The Eternals will be released in France on November 3, but the American press has already had the chance to discover the next Marvel. What did the journalists think about it? We reveal their reactions, most of them enthusiastic.

Like Shang-Chi and the legend of the Ten Rings, The Eternals has the particularity of being centered on characters little known to the general public and never seen on the big screen. But also to introduce several extraterrestrial races whose history spans thousands of years, which could well upset the established order of the MCU!

And all this, under the leadership of Chloé Zhao, director from independent cinema who won an Oscar at the start of the year.

Does the result live up to the expectations that such a project can raise? In any case, here is an anthology of opinions from American journalists.

On the side of people who are very enthusiastic about the film, we have Tessa Smith from Rotten Tomatoes who writes: “Damn The Eternals is a true MASTERPIECE !!! Full of adrenaline from the start, but also full of heart and humor! So many firsts in the MCU! You are going to be BLOWN! Winks to comics but a totally unique story. These post-credits scenes will CHANGE EVERYTHING !!

The Eternals is one of Marvel‘s most ambitious films. It’s epic in scope, richly filmed, and makes no apologies for the amount of information it conveys to you. Great actors, quality production, and a delicious comic book atmosphere. Not for everyone, but it’s Jack Kirby’s well-made space gods”, Assures Dan Casey of Nerdist.

Courtney Howard (Variety) is also excited: “The Eternals is amazing! Chloé Zhao and company bring us an evocative, emotional and extraordinarily epic superhero film. The whole group has excellent chemistry and everyone is entitled to great moments in the cinema to show their prowess. The naturalism of Ben Davis’ photography highlights the humanity of the characters.

Many also emphasize the new side of the feature film, such as Aaron Couch of The Hollywood Reporter: “Wow! Lots of things to dissect. If the Marvel movies are a Venn diagram – with variations within that overlap – this movie is off the charts. By far the most different of all their films.

The Eternals is surprising, epic, beautiful but dense. It slips away, sometimes looks like a DC movie (that’s not a review), and other times like no other superhero movie. I would like to have a quick and glowing reaction to offer you, but I am left with more complex thoughts.”, Explains Peter Sciretta of Slash Film.

For his part, Steven Weintraub of Collider comments: “My favorite thing about Marvel movies is that they always manage to find new ways to tell their stories. The Eternals is beautifully filmed and is very different from previous MCU films. The story surprised me with some twists”, Before applauding the two post-credits scenes, which apparently left a huge mark on the audience.

With the stunning visuals of Chloe Zhao and an array of actors who seem destined for the MCU, The Eternals is unlike any other Marvel movie. Awesome and many twists and chemistry between the actors make this movie a must see”Writes Nora Dominick of BuzzFeed.

Marvel’s Eternals is spectacularly bizarre and rich with a new mythology in the MCU that makes it appear separate from everything else. It’s honestly refreshing. There is a bitter sweetness in the film, which is felt in the shots of the sunset – a touch of Chloe Zhao. He is full of soul and thoughtful”Says Erik Davis of Fandango.

Simon Thompson, who lends his pen to Forbes and Variety in particular, is a little more reserved: “Mixed at times, The Eternals is at its best in the third act. A little light in places for a variety of reasons, there is a lot to enjoy, from the humor and the human aspects to the action scenes you would expect. A rich visual tapestry with a credits scene that has driven people crazy!

The Eternals flirts with being ‘just a superhero movie’ but (barely) pulls it off thanks to its scale, a few affable actors, and a possible plot line. At its best, it almost looks like a Marvel playing in the backyard of the DCEU but relying on some relatively generic superhero archetypes.”, Shares Scott Mendelson, also a reporter for Forbes.

Matt Neglia from Next Best Picture was also disappointed: “Apart from a few dazzling moments and a wonderfully diverse cast, The Eternals disappointed me. The story is a convoluted mess that jumps through time and across several continents with an uneven tone. Ramin Djawadi’s score flies away but Chloé Zhao’s distinctive style is unfortunately missing.

Just like David Ehrlich of IndieWire: “The Eternals: In style and tone, this is easily the MCU movie that looks the least like a Marvel (it doesn’t look like plastic. Also, there’s sex) and the scale is cosmic from in a way that makes the Avengers arc appear to be a blip. So why is it always just spandex misfits battling bad CGI for 3 hours?

To form your own opinion, see you in theaters on November 3!

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“the most different of all marvel films”: us critics excited about the originality of...

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