The Map of Tiny Perfect Things on Amazon: what is this romantic comedy with a time loop?

Available on Amazon Prime Video since February 12, “The Map of Tiny Perfect Things” is an adaptation of the short story of the same name: the story of two teenagers stuck in a time loop who relive the same day.


Mark, a quick-witted teenager, lives the same day over and over again. His world is turned upside down when he meets the mysterious Margaret, also stuck in the same time loop. Mark and Margaret are a magnetic duo who go in search of all the little things that could make this day perfect. The love story takes a fantastic turn, as the two struggle to know how – and if – they will escape this never-ending day.

“The Map of Tiny Perfect Things” by Ian Samuels – Available on Amazon Prime Video since February 12


Atmosphere Un jour sans fin on Amazon, this Friday, February 12, 2021 (perhaps because the date of 02/12/2021 is a beautiful palindrome)! Besides Palm Springs, the platform puts online another time loop story: The Map of Tiny Perfect Things, second feature film directed by Ian Samuels after Sierra Burgess Is A Loser, released on Netflix in September 2018. Written by Lev Grossman (author from the book that inspired the series The Magicians), according to his own short story, the script adds an additional nuance to the concept, as the main character, Mark, discovers that another person, Margaret, is also reliving the same day at the ‘infinite.

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A postulate which is reminiscent of Russian Doll, the series by Leslye Headland and Natasha Lyonne. Without the notion of inevitable death and with a teen movie tone, since the heroes are two teenagers. Which is not trivial, because the film uses the time loop as a metaphor for this period of life. The age of all possibilities, where we look for ourselves and experiment without thinking about the next day. But also this moment when we struggle to see his future (which a discussion between Mark and his father even comes to verbalize), and where we must learn to move forward and get up in the face of the obstacles that stand in our way. Without forgetting the romantic part, here tinged with fantasy with a metatextual side, since the main characters evolve in a universe where the stories of time loops are part of pop culture, and openly quote Un jour sans fin.

The map of tiny perfect things on amazon: what is this romantic comedy with a time loop?

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Unlike the cult film by Harold Ramis, where the only Bill Murray is the victim of this disorder, they are at least two to live it here, and their relationship will evolve according to the rehearsals and others already seen. First centered on the way in which Mark and Margaret know and master each event of the day, with pretty fluid sequence shots that resemble ballets as the movements of the actors are precise, the story then tightens on the central characters. He then benefits from the alchemy between Kyle Allen (1 Night) and Kathryn Newton (Freaky and soon in Ant-Man 3), endearing, just as much as their quest which gives its title to the feature film: this search for small things, sometimes simple, which will make this day perfect. And maybe let them get out of this loop.

The result is sometimes lacking in surprises and does not avoid certain agreed paths, but it holds its concept and its status as a feel-good movie well, even in its indie soundtrack and its sunny images. And his way of reminding us of the importance of the small pleasures of everyday life is more than welcome at a time when our lives have seemed endless day for almost a year.

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