The Mandalorian: who to replace Gina Carano, out of the Star Wars series?

Since the ousting of Gina Carano from The Mandalorian, fans of the Star Wars series are already imagining who could replace the actress and former MMA champion.

The mandalorian: who to replace gina carano, out of the star wars series?
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Following his controversial negationist comments posted on social networks and judged by Lucasfilm as “odious and unacceptable”, Gina Carano was fired by the firm and thus lost her role as Cara Dune in the series The Mandalorian. At the same time, the actress and former MMA star saw the proposal to star in the spin-off Rangers of the New Republic fly away. Barely days after the announcement of her dismissal, Gina Carano revealed that she was already working on a film project with Ben Shapiro, journalist and conservative polemicist, who co-founded the Republican news site The Daily Wire.

Now that Gina Carano, let loose by her artistic agency, is no longer affiliated with Disney, Star Wars and Lucasfilm, the question is whether she will be replaced in The Mandalorian. It is not known if the character of Cara Dune will still exist in Season 3 of the Star Wars series. If this is the case, fans of the show already have in mind an actress to replace her and not least: Lucy Lawless. Her name circulates a lot on social networks and fans would see the interpreter of the famous Xena the warrior, also seen in Battlestar Galactica, taking the role of the former mercenary Cara Dune who became Marshal in the intergalactic universe.

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But it could also be that the character of Cara Dune will disappear altogether from The Mandalorian. It is indeed rumored that Lucasfilm “had been looking for a reason to fire her for two months, and that was the last straw today” according to a source who confided in Hollywood Reporter. The actress had already shocked in the past on social networks with transphobic comments. The future of Cara Dune was therefore already very vague or even darkened for the rest of the series. Moreover, the end of season 2 of The Mandalorian leaves the door open to a closed arc for this character.

The mandalorian: who to replace gina carano, out of the star wars series?

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As such, other fans hope for new arrivals in the future season 3 of The Mandalorian. According to CBR, a petition is circulating for actor Don Cheadle to replace Gina Carano in a similar role. An astonishing choice that Internet users explain by the fact that the actor has already replaced another actor in a large production. Following artistic disputes, Terrence Howard, who played James Rhodes in the first Iron Man, left the franchise and was replaced by… Don Cheadle, who donned the War Machine costume. If the suggestions of Lucy Lawless and Don Cheadle have not been commented on by Lucasfilm, it will still be necessary to wait before knowing if the character of Cara Dune will still be present in The Mandalorian.

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