The Mandalorian: no, Pedro Pascal is not fed up with the helmet of the hero of the Star Wars series – news series on tv

Pedro Pascal, the interpreter of Din Djarin in The Mandalorian, has denied rumors that the actor no longer supports wearing the helmet of his character in the Star Wars series.

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A few months ago, rumors, often unfounded, circulated about a departure of Pedro Pascal from The Mandalorian in the middle of the shooting of season 2. In question: the fact that the actor would not support any more that one does not see his face on the screen and have to play with headphones. The rumor of his departure was denied shortly before the airing of the new season of the Star Wars series, notably by a tweet by Phil Szostak, artistic director at Lucasfilm, who claimed to have seen Pedro Pascal on the set.

Pedro Pascal is not fed up with headphones

The actor did not therefore give up the role of Din Djarin and does not intend to do so, especially for a question of headphones. In an interview for the British talk show The One Show, Pedro Pascal has denied rumors that he can no longer bear to wear the Mandalorian accessory and that he has asked the production to have him removed more often.

“It’s not true. It’s a really wonderful way to tell the story. It’s always been a very clear credo for the character and we’ve always been on the same page. [avec l’équipe] in our collaboration, I think. All I want is for us to have the best entertainment possible, however we do it. “

In full promotion for Wonder Woman 1984, Pedro Pascal seemed very surprised by the presenter’s question and made it clear that he was perfectly comfortable wearing a helmet. His response comes shortly after the broadcast of Episode 7 of Season 2 of The Mandalorian in which Din Djarin kidnaps him to avoid being killed at a hidden base in the Empire. As Pedro Pascal had said before, the removal of the helmet in this episode serves the storytelling, just like the first time his character took it off in Season 1.

The Mandalorian: is Pedro Pascal under the hero’s helmet all the time in the Star Wars series?

In addition, you should know that Pedro Pascal is not always in the costume of the Mandalorian. When he is not available, Lateef Crowder and Brendan Wayne, his two liners, take over. Pedro Pascal worked with them so that they could model his way of moving and his postures. On the other hand, the actor records all the dialogues well and intends to remain the hero of The Mandalorian, helmet or not.

The mandalorian: no, pedro pascal is not fed up with the helmet of the hero of the star wars series - news series on tv

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